Weekly Geeks: 2009 #9

I got lazy and skipped the last couple of Weekly Geeks (for shame).

Anyway. This week's topic is a quote a day. See if you can figure out my theme ;).

Beware the Ides of March- Shakespeare


  1. I missed the last few weeks as well. I'll join you in the naughty corner.

    Great quote! I'm sensing a theme that comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb. ;)

  2. And me, I'll be missing this week! Looking forward to reading everyone else's quotes, though!

    Since Ruth already guessed March, I'm going to guess that the theme is spring.

  3. From one quote I find it hard to guess a theme. It could be anything from ancient empires, great men in history, world shattering asassinations, loads of possibilities here. I'll wait until the next quote.

  4. I think today's quote will clear it up for you all.

  5. you can't go wrong with Shakespeare, so quotable!


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