Weekly Geeks #11

This week's Weekly Geek is all about favorite historical periods in books. I have a fondness for the Regency period. Here's a link that explains that period of time. And here is an interesting blog to get an idea of how people dressed.

Besides reading all the Austen novels, I would suggest reading Georgette Heyer. Although I'm not sure if she is considered contemporary, she did write about a time period she never experienced. She's known for her historical accuracy. Here's a list of her Regency novels:

  • The Black Moth
  • Powder and Patch
  • These Old Shades
  • The Masqueraders
  • Devil's Cub
  • The Convenient Marriage
  • Regency Buck
  • The Talisman Ring
  • An Infamous Army
  • The Spanish Bride
  • The Corinthian
  • Faro's Daughter
  • Friday's Child
  • The Reluctant Widow
  • The Foundling
  • Arabella
  • The Grand Sophy
  • The Quiet Gentleman
  • Cotillion
  • The Toll-Gate
  • Bath Tangle
  • Sprig Muslin
  • April Lady
  • Sylvester
  • Venetia
  • The Unknown Ajax
  • A Civil Contract
  • The Nonesuch
  • False Colours
  • Frederica
  • Black Sheep
  • Cousin Kate
  • Charity Girl
  • Lady of Quality
She wrote a lot so I'm excited to read them all.

Another modern Regency writer is Colleen Gleason. It's Regency-with vampires! Here's my review of The Rest Falls Away.

Not a romance or vampire fan? How about a seafaring tale?

While Mrs Bennett was finding husbands for her daughters, the men were at sea. The Aubrey/Maturin series by Patrick O'Brian is full of men at war on the sea. Very intelligent and witty. You can find the list here.

Hope you find something to read.


  1. That sure is an impressive Georgette Heyer list! I've only read one, but I hope to try more eventually.

  2. You have selected my favorite historical fiction writer, Patrick O'Brian. My husband read all 20 of the Aubrey and Maturin books and I am reading no. 12.
    We love them so much we bought all 20. Even the New York Times wrote that O'Brian is the best living historical fiction series author.
    (He was living at the time of that article).
    I did not realize that time period is called Regency.

  3. It seems fitting that vampires and the Regency period would fit together quite well. Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. While I love Austen, I haven't heard of Heyer. She's in my radar now, at least. And I've been wanting to read O'Brian for the longest time but didn't know where to start.. thanks for the reminder! I did find something here today. :D

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  6. Hm, regency vampires sound like fun. Must go and check this out. Thanks for the recommendation

  7. Jane Austen and regency novels just aren't my cup of tea. My post is here.

  8. Suey- I have quite a few more to read as well!

    Terra- I'm not that far into the series yet but they are really good. I love the doctor.

    Melissa- Enjoy!

    Claire- Have fun!

    Rikki- Colleen Gleason is a very approachable author as well.

    Puss- Oh well, it's not for everyone :)

  9. I love Georgette Heyer's books. Faro's Daughter is a favorite reread of mine.

  10. Georgette Heyer rules. Love her stuff so much.

    I really need to read Colleen Gleason!

  11. Regency vampires do sound like fun ...

  12. Ooh, I putting The Rest Falls Away on my tbr list.


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