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From SMS Book Reviews:

Post a list of a few of the search terms used to find your site. Especially any very interesting ones. You can also include a blurb about where to find the item if it is on your site or what you think made the search engine drop them off at your site or any other comments. See mine below.

I'm going to try this today. I don't get really interesting keyword hits every week. Usually people are looking for reviews or book reports (do your own homework, kiddo). I've had 1700+ keyword hits since January when I started Google Analytics. Here are a few interesting ones:

-Edith Wharton got googly eyes- I didn't realize that. Like she didn't have enough problems.
-The funny thing in Wuthering Heights- I'm not aware of one.
-Hard to read Mrs Dalloway?- Yes.
-How does Tess feel in phase ii of Tess of the D'Ubervilles?- Bad, then kinda good, guilty, then bad again.
-shortbread cookie with gardella chocolate- Drool. That sounds good!
-how to be a good liar- I'm a terrible liar. Sorry.
-india fiction about widow who rents to tailor- That would be A Fine Balance.
-pronunciation of antonia- From what I've heard it's Ann-toe-nee-a.

Most people are looking for reviews of Fahrenheit 451 or A Complicated Kindness. Hope I've helped you all out!

Anyway, I'll do this post only when I have something interesting show up.


  1. I don't really get funny search terms, but I did get one this week that says cooked meatloaf person.

  2. Mine are never very interesting either :(

    And yeah, can't remember anything funny about Wuthering Heights :P

  3. Thanks for participating, those were funny! Better than mine.

    You didn't mention this was a part of Saturday Search though. I hope to see you next month, even if you only have one to share!

  4. Such a funny post! Mine usually aren't interesting.

  5. Mine aren't interesting neither, well unless you consider something such as 'under a guy's kilt' interesting. ;)
    Thanks for such an fun post.

  6. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it


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