The I Suck At Challenges Challenge Update #2

The I Suck at Challenges Challenge Update

Hi Challengees!

How goes the challenges? Are you starting off at a good pace? Have you already 'hit the wall'? Tripped over your shoelaces at the starting gate? Wherever you are, tell us how you're feeling at this time.

At the beginning of February some participants had this to say:

Jodie- I'm feeling ok about my challenges at the moment - which is insane as I have not started several of them. I've read 2 books for the YA challenge, 1 for What's in a Name, 1 for the Victorian challenge, 1 for 9 for 09 and 1 for Reading Dnagerously. I think I'm going to tackle Chunkster this month.

Shannon- I feel pretty good about my challenges I have read 10/20 for 20 book for 2009 challenge and 0/2 for the vampire challenge.

Word Freak- I'm a little behind.. but it's because of exams, i have next week off, so i'm looking forward to catch up on my reading.

Bookfool- Still sucking. I'm working on a Canadian book, but I've been hacking away at it (off and on) for a month. I've got to focus. Focus, focus.

That's the spirit! I wonder how they feel now.

For myself, I'm out of the starting gate. I'm keeping a good pace but I'm at the back of the pack. I finished 2 books for my challenges: Getting Over Edgar for The 2nd Canadian Book Challenge and 1984 for both The Love of Reading Challenge and Dewey's Books Challenge.

So, participants, please write a post letting us know how you're doing, what books for what challenges you've completed this month and leave a link to that post in Mr Linky. Take a moment to cheer on your fellow challengees and leave them a comment on their posts.

**The photo at the top is from Run, Fat Boy, Run, a movie that I really loved.**


  1. I'm the suckiest challenge participant on the planet! In spite of the fact that I love that Canadian book (yes, I'm still reading the same one!!!) and think it's brilliantly written, I keep putting it down. I'm on about page 104 out of 300-something. Sigh. I think I've been reading it for 3 months, now. Pitiful. The mail problem is that I am way overcommitted, to the point that I need to be . . . committed. Eeks.

  2. I did okay this month - even finished a couple!

  3. I'd say I'm doing pretty good, but definitely not great!

  4. I'm pretty much on target for 10 (I finished one of these but might go to the next level).

    Lagging behind on 3.

  5. I can't believe I joined another one either! I also bought a new book in order to complete it (waits for the very special you suck at challenges bombardbent to begin).

  6. I love this! What fun! I did pretty good for February, I finished 1 challenge and read 8 books for the different challenges I'm participating in.

  7. I'm so lame that I haven't even joined any challenges yet this year--even though I've actually made a few lists. I haven't even officially joined the ones I'm hosting!! Lammmmm-O. Love the pic, by the way.

  8. Keep the update requests coming, Chris! They help me keep up with what I'm doing -- although looking at everyone else's blogs just makes me want to join more challenges, lol.


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