Dewey's Knit-a-Long Mini Challenge Update #3

Remember this...

It's coming along. So far I have the back done and part of the left front. Much easier than I thought it would be although until it's all put together and I'm wearing it I can't say how easy. Hopefully I can keep it up. There are some tricky parts to the pattern but I'm using my common sense to keep me out of trouble. I felt confident enough to buy the buttons yesterday!


  1. WOW! I'm so impressed. I don't mind knitting/crocheting -- it's the assembling that gets me.

  2. It looks great so far - I can't wait to see the finished product.

  3. Very cute! Not sure I could pull off wearing something like that, but I love the way it looks on her. I'd be always wanting to button it where there are no buttons, LOL.

  4. Julie- Assembling is not my favorite part either.

    Bermuda- Thanks!

    Ali- That's the thing about making clothes, I never know what it's going to look like on me until it's done and then it's too late! I have seen pics of normal people wearing ones they've made and they look ok.

  5. This is coming out great! Love the pattern and colors. I have yet to knit something I could wear other than socks and mittens. Can't wait to see it finished!

    Diary of an Eccentric

  6. I looks so great so far and I love that color! Great for upcoming spring, huh?

  7. It looks great so far! And if you do finish it, I can't wait to see it, partly because I might want to try it myself! That is a super cute sweater.

  8. It looks like you are making great progress!

    I'm doing pretty good, here's the link to my update, which includes photos this time:

  9. Anna- This is probably my most complicated project I've done.

    Trish- I hope I'll be done by then.

    trish-I hope I won't disappoint.

    Teddy- Thanks!


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