Wicked By Any Other Name by Linda Wisdom: Review

Stasi Romanov, 700 year old witch and lingerie shop owner, is being sued by an angry customer, after a love charm fails to charm. Trevor Barnes is the lawyer/wizard Stasi must face in court but Cupid has his own plans for the two of them. In the meantime, an evil force has taken over Stasi's town, turning the once tolerant townspeople against the witches. Trevor must work with Stasi and the witches to undue the wicked spell before the town turns into a modern day Salem.

Wicked By Any Other Name by Linda Wisdom is a fun, sexy read with lots of action. Stasi is a a lovable character with a strong desire to do the right thing- no matter what it might cost her. It was quite entertaining though I thought it lagged a bit at the end. I felt there was too much cheery dialogue at a time when they were all in peril. Other than that, I liked it, especially the nod to Salem at the end. My favorite part: The Librarian. I love that guy.


Thanks to Sourcebooks for the ARC.


  1. Looks like a fun book.

  2. That cover is so cute! And the book sounds very fun :)

  3. That looks cute. I hope you feel better soon, Chris.


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