The Face of Vintage Kids' Books in the US

I just had to post this link to Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Love about the new US Consumer Product Act. Scribbler is a true lover of vintage kids' books. On her blog, she writes about finding vintage books some of which she sells on Etsy. Her post The Death of Vintage Kids Books just about broke my heart. She writes about how this law will affect her.

Right now Scribbler is selling her surplus books on her Etsy shop: Vintage Kids' Books. There are some great deals.


  1. That Curious George book is one of my childhood favorites. I can't believe this new law is leading to the destruction of perfectly good kids' books. What a horror and a waste.

  2. I've been reading on the Etsy forums about how this law is affecting so many indie sellers and it is just awful. It's so confusing too and I just feel bad for anyone that sells children's items on Etsy.

  3. Thanks for the link... All of it is making me sick... but I was on PW today reading up on what the publishing industry is doing and it did make me feel good that the big dogs are on it.

    I am praying that in a few months this will all be a horrible memory!

    Keep the faith sister!

  4. Bookfool- I have an old copy of Curious George I picked up at a yard sale. I'm not scared of it.

    Iliana- I knew about the handmade but the books surprised me.

    Scribbler- That's good to hear. I hope you can keep sharing those books with us all.


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