What's On TV?

There's actually something on TV this week

Sunday: Tess of the D'Ubervilles (PBS). A true to the book adaptation of Thomas Hardy's work. Beautifully shot with beautiful people, but it's painful to watch poor Tess suffering.

Monday: Being Erica. This is a new show on the CBC. Erica Strange has a terrible day: she's been fired, stood up, and gone into anaphylactic shock. She meets a supposed therapist who sends her back in time to fix her mistakes in the past while patching up her life in the present. It's cute and funny. I like it!

Tuesday: American Idol (the auditions). Oh my eyes! Oh my ears! Oh my eyes and ears! Why am I still watching this?

Wednesday: Lost. Lost is coming back! This week is just a repeat of last season's finale but next week it's new. Yay! The phone will be off the hook that night.

Are you watching anything good on TV?


  1. This will only be my second year watching American Idol, so I'll be watching because I haven't had enough yet. Besides, I really like Simon. AND, if I get my work done, then I can watch it and knit, as opposed to watching it while working. :-)

  2. I don't really watch it. Usually I just watch the auditions. It's such a train wreck.

  3. I gave up on AI a couple seasons ago, though I sometimes miss it.

    I'm looking forward to Bones coming back on Thursday.

    Oh, and LOST! Can. not. wait.

  4. I'm watching American Idol as I type this. I'm not sure why I still watch either. LOL

    I'm really looking forward to Lost this season.

  5. I watched this adaptation of Tess on BBC here last year. Gemma Arteterton is brilliant as Tess and the whole thing is very well done. The ending is heartbreaking to watch though, even worse than the book, if thats possible!

  6. Uh....24 is back!! I don't know what there is about Kiefer Sutherland, but that man makes my blood pump!! I think it's his voice (and he's dead sexy too!)

  7. Carrie- I hope this season of Lost will be a good one!

    Feline- Lol! I just can't look away.

    Jo- I felt the same way. I knew what was coming but it was soooo sad anyway.

    Stephanie- I didn't watch 24 before so I'm afraid I'd be lost. And yeah, Kiefer's voice is like liquid chocolate.

  8. I never read Tess before, so even though I knew that the Masterpiece Theater show wasn't going to end well, I had no idea how sad it was going to be. Now I can't wait to read the book!

  9. I was flipping through the television last night and I came across the American Idol auditions. I am not a big fan of the show, but the auditions are always funny! Me and the guy watched them, actually. I laughed and he had his fingers in his ears!

  10. YAY! I can't wait for LOST to begin again.
    I'll watch the new updated "season finale" tonight (to be rerun before the premier next week)

  11. If I missed Tess I'll be devastated--one of my very favorite books. Although the Polanski version from the 70s isn't bad.

  12. We prefer American Idol once they've weeded through the masses and actually have people who can really sing. That's when it gets more interesting and less painful on the ears.

    We are in the midst of TOP CHEF on Bravo. Love this show. And HBO's got the Flight of the Conchords and Big Love coming back Sunday. Yay!

  13. Lost! I can not wait for Lost! I hoping that maybe Charlie will come back.

  14. Stephanie- Definitely read the book. I do enjoy Hardy.

    Kailana- They know how to murder my favorite songs.

    Debbie- Only 1 week away!

    Scribbit- I hope you get to see it. It was beautiful.

    Karen- I'm the opposite. I can't watch the competition but I love the auditions.

    Daibhin- Oh poor Charlie. I'm still sad about that.

  15. I'm really curious to know if Angel Clare is as bad as he is in the book.

  16. I tried to watch Tess -- I don't know, it's certainly easier to watch than read, but I haven't gotten through the show yet either. Both parts are on the DVR, I'll give it another shot before erasing.

  17. Poor Tess. I have no patience for her whatsoever, the doofus.

    I fell out of love w/Lost a few seasons ago but as long as the Jack scenes are limited and Sayid/Sawyer are around, I'll watch. I just no longer try to make any sense of it.

    Cable! Burn Notice, Leverage, The Closer, Monk, Psych. Now *that's* TV.

  18. I really liked the Tess mini series! I also am enjoying Being Erica, it's suprisingly good!

  19. Bybee- Oh yeah, he is.

    Carrie- Come back to Lost!

    Beth- All we are saying is give Tess a chance!

    Teddy- That's such a Canadian reaction. "Whoa! It's on the CBC and it's...it's...good!"


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