Weekly Geeks: For Dewey

From Becky:

I was thinking that it might be nice for those bloggers who are Weekly Geeks to pay tribute to Dewey in the next week or so. To take the time to post to their blogs a "Weekly Geek" post about Dewey--maybe share their favorite posts from her site, maybe share a memory or two about participating in weekly geeks, the bookworms carnival, the 24 Hour Readathon, or one of Dewey's challenges, maybe just share a favorite memory of Dewey in general, what they'll miss most, how they'll remember her, etc. I'm going to try to post mine this Saturday--but bloggers anywhere and everywhere are encouraged to post whenever they want.

When I read the news of Dewey's passing, I was shocked to say the least. Now that I've had time to think about what it means I realize the hole she has left in the book blogging world. We started blogging at about the same time but I was always amazed at how Dewey took to blogging. She jumped in with her whole spirit. The number of community building projects she started, many she handled all by herself, is astounding. At this moment an entire community of book bloggers is trying to figure out the huge task of continuing Dewey's projects. Please drop on by at the Book Blog Ning for more information.

What makes me the most sad when I look at her blog is her Book Coveting posts. She would make a weekly list of books she wanted to read. I think we all have a list like that and we believe that someday we will get to them all. But of course this isn't really possible. We will never leave this life having read all we ever wanted. There are always new books being written and new authors to discover. I hope Dewey is somewhere with all the books she could ever desire and that her book coveting list continues to grow forever. That's heavenly!

My favorite memory is of the very first Read-a-thon. I was a cheerleader and was it ever fun! I loved visiting everyone and encouraging them to read, read, read. Dewey was such a great organizer. We were all kind of just getting our feet wet. This could have been great or a big flop. It was a blast! I'm sure it was a success because of Dewey. You'd think she did it everyday.

Anyway I hope you all join me in this special Weekly Geek!


  1. This is a lovely post, Chris.

  2. A lovely tribute indeed. She really was great at organizing stuff, and I was in awe of her energy.

    I didn't remember how I'd first discovered your blog, Chris, but while writing my own tribute post I realized it had been during Dewey's blogroll game. She was so good at getting people to interact.

  3. Wonderful tribute post other Chris!

  4. Wonderful post!
    Dewey convinced me to be a cheerleader, because I couldn't be a reader, and I could not have had more fun. :)

  5. great post! Dewey was very organized...she thrived on her projects it seemed.

  6. What a beautiful post...thank you for sharing with us.

  7. Lovely post, Chris! I'm so glad that Dewey's various challenges and projects are being continued. She did so much for the book blogging community and will truly be missed.

  8. What a sweet post! I loved the Read-A-Thon - I got to participate two years and it was just so fun. I still can't believe how she managed to do everything even though she was so ill. I love what you said, hope Dewey is somewhere with all the books she could ever desire!


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