Booking Through Thursday: Do You Have the Time?

Booking Through Thursday

1. Do you get to read as much as you WANT to read?
(I’m guessing #1 is an easy question for everyone?)

2. If you had (magically) more time to read–what would you read? Something educational? Classic? Comfort Reading? Escapism? Magazines?

1. Hahahahahahahaha! Um, what was the question again? If I could read as much as I wanted I'd give up sleeping, eating, bathing, peeing, get the idea. I think that explains why I read while walking around the house. But, yeah, I have a house, a kid, pets, a husband, things that need taking care of. This week I haven't read in days! Imagine! I've been busy getting ready for Ho-Ho. I can't remember going this long without a book on the go. It's time to remedy that.

2. All of the above. I have piles of books waiting to be read so I'd have to start on that stack, then I'd take a trip to the bookstore, library, wherever. I love the classics so I have centuries of reading to do. I don't think there will ever be ENOUGH time.

So, how long have you gone without reading? I'm interested.


  1. Me, too. I've gone for a couple of weeks now without reading much of anything. The holidays are really stealing a lot of my reading time!

  2. I walk around and read too. This has been a slow reading week for me too because there's been too much other stuff going on. Hopefully I can hunker down with a book for a while today.

  3. I don't think I've ever gone more than a day or since I was 4 that I haven't read a book. I read just about every night before bed and almost always while eating lunch (we used to walk home from school for lunch, so this was a habit I learned early). My parents wouldn't let us read at breakfast or dinner, but at lunch it was ok.

  4. I couldn't read in July & August. I was completely off reading. I just did not want to.

    Here is my BTT post

  5. LOL! I think December is one month that reading suffers... You're right. There will never be enough time.

  6. I don't think I have ever gone more than a day or so without reading at least a little bit.

  7. I always make it a point to read at least a page every day!

    And we'll never get enough reading time even if we've 48 hrs/day, ha!

  8. Lately I have gone through times when I haven't been reading because I have an 8-month old daughter - or at least it feels that way. I think I mostly read something every day though and usually have a couple books on the go. But no, there will never be enough time to read all I want to read.

  9. If I go more than a few hours without reading something, I feel like I'm going into withdrawals. Right now I'm finishing up The Fairest Star by David Field, and it's such a page turner that I really want to see how it ends... I just about cringe every time I have to put it down. Good thing I work at home, so no one can see me sneak a page or two when I can't take it anymore. :)

  10. My normal pattern is to read at least a little bit every day, but I've gone through a few long dry spells in the last several years when I didn't read at all. Thankfully I've not had a dry spell in a long while! Nowadays I carry at least one book around with me everywhere. I'm often able to get in a page or two while I'm waiting for something.

  11. Isn't it funny how many say we'd read more from our own shelves. Are there any among us who don't have cases of books that we haven't yet read?

    My husband thinks I'm crazy, but after making my rounds through the book blogging community, I see that I am, in fact, perfectly normal.

  12. I usually read two hours over breakfast every morning, taking my time and sitting at the sunniest spot at my neighborhood coffee shop. (It's San Francisco...everyone has their coffee at the cafes). Then I'll slip in some reading time when no students come for office hour. I'll read a bit more at home in the evening since I don't watch much TV.

  13. I think the longest I went without reading was two weeks, when I was sick and had constant headaches (or was asleep).

  14. jlshall & Alice- There's just too much to do!

    Bermuda- Me too.

    Beth- My parents had that rule too :(

    Gautami- I think we all have those times.

    Amy & Melody- That's a good habit to have.

    Melanie- Yes, babies need lots of attention.

    Ruth- I'll have to look for that one.

    Bookwormom- Reading while waiting: I try to do that too.

    Christina- It's a compulsion. I see a book and buy it even though my shelves are sagging.

    Matt- Reading in a coffeeshop sounds so nice!

    Jeanne- I was recently sick too and didn't read a bit. You know you're really sick when you can't pick up a book!

  15. I realized yesterday that I hadn't read in over a day - since I finished Blindspot. When that happens I end up doing something stupid, like staying up past midnight starting a new book. I started The School of Essential Ingredients last night - and it's brilliant so far. I didn't want to stop and go to sleep.

  16. When my husband and I go away for our anniversary (nothing major, just a weekend away from the kids) I don't take any books with me, that way I pay attention to my husband.

    Of course if we get the paper or something I will read that, and pretty much every place we've been has included browsing in at least one book store.

    My husband would much rather watch tv than read a book. He was an English major in college (so he loves books), but now he works long hours, so I understand him not wanting to do much reading after work or on holiday.

  17. When I was working, I went months without reading for pleasure. Now, ah luxury!

  18. I have read more in the last two months than I have all year! I don't know what was wrong with me this year... Anyway, judging by the size of my TBR pile, I will NEVER have enough time to read everything that I want to read! lol

  19. I walk and read too! I've found that if I try to sit and read my kid's bug me more than if I walk and read.

    The longest I've gone without reading is a day.

  20. If I'm traveling, I don't read much at all, although I still have a book with me.

    I can go a couple of days without reading, but it's rare...and usually followed by a period of intense reading.

  21. I read every day. I'm not talented enough to walk and read at the same time though. :)

    Robin of mytwoblessings

  22. No matter how busy I am, never a day goes by that I don't read something. Of course it may only be a couple of pages in bed before I go to sleep and drop the book on the floor, but I read something!

  23. Carrie- It must be good to keep you up late.

    Alyce- My husband isn't a reader but he understands that I am.

    Sal- You're lucky!

    Kailana- I agree, I'll never have an end to the TBR pile.

    Callista- I usually just can't put it down, that's why I walk and read.

    softdrink- I find it's hard to read while travelling usless I'm on a plane (or a beach).

    Robin- Oh you'd get the hang of it ;)

    Cathy- That's a good habit!

  24. Yes, I read every "little moment" that I can... like the morning as I blow dry my hair, or while I'm supposed to be sleeping, or while eating (not always the best results, though!)

  25. With working earlier in the morning and through lunch, I am missing my two biggest reading times of the day. I haven't picked anything up since I finished Holidays on Ice last Wednesday (and even that was only 160 pages!). Walking and reading at the same time...just thinking about that makes me dizzy! :)

  26. I've been keeping myself busy with getting ready for the holidays too. I just love this times of the year. Although things have been a bit slow. I should have finish off my shopping by the end of November, but things started off slow. So now, I need to think about what to get my parents for Xmas. They are tough to buy for. I also wish to read whatever is in my TBR piles, but my moods have not been ready to read some of the books.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and I wish you and your family a Happy Holidays!


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