Lest We Forget

Here's the trailer for the epic film about the World War I Battle of Passchendaele. I haven't seen it but it looks gritty.

"I died in Hell
(they called it Passchendaele); my wound was slight
and I was hobbling back; and then a shell
burst slick upon the duckboards; so I fell
into the bottomless mud, and lost the light"
-Siegfred Sassoon


  1. I looked at the calendar and tried to remember why the day was important.
    Living in the States messes up memory. How strange, I'm listening to a Catholic choir just finishing the Navy's flight prayer. I suppose if I fought the right calendar it would be Veteran's day. Blessings! We never forget the sacrifice, even if we mesh up the days of the week.

  2. wow, i haven't heard of that movie until now - it looks like a must see though!


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