First Snow of the Season

Yep, it snowed on Sunday. Just a little and it melted within an hour, but it was enough to send kid outside to enjoy it. I couldn't resist the photo opportunity.

I also found out that the library is having a book sale next week. "All-right!"

Stay tuned. Wednesday I have a guest blogger: Karen E Olson!


  1. Wow! It was in the 70s all weekend here.

  2. we had a warm weekend here...didn't feel much like fall.

  3. i HATE snow. Blech. Okay, I like it for like a week. So I really picked the wrong state. I'm in MN.

  4. Snooowwww!!! Send it to Texas next. :D

  5. Beautiful photo! They were calling for light flurries here on Monday and I very nearly cried :)
    I'm not ready for the winter yet.

  6. Oooooh, so envious! I love snow! It was 78 here, today. Par for the course. :)


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