7 Bookish Things About Me

Okay, I totally forgot to do this. I remember being tagged but then forgot what it was I was tagged for. I guess I had a MMM: Mommy Memory Moment. My apologies to Ann, though it seems she's as bad as I am.

So here it is 7 Random Bookish About Me:

1. I used to be a Book Cheat. I'd read the ending before I finished to make sure would end the way I wanted it to. I stopped doing that though.

2. I've contemplated reading while driving. Just at stoplights. And I didn't do it, I swear.

3. I'll use anything as a bookmark, including other books.

4. I stopped reading for a few years in my early twenties. That was weird.

5. I read and walk.

6. Used books are my favorites. I like getting a deal on anything.

7. I keep books for years (decades even) either because I will read them someday or they are my favorites and I might want to read them again.

So that's pretty random and not very exciting but there it is! I won't tag anyone but feel free to do this one too.


  1. I am a bad person. I read at stoplights, especially the long ones. I'd better work on that.

  2. I love getting used books too. And I'm tempted to try that reading and walking thing, but I worry I'll bump into something :P

  3. I've often dreamt of reading at stoplights myself. I was stuck in traffic on the way to class the other night, and that would've been the perfect opportunity!

  4. I rarely use an "official" book either. This was a fun meme.

  5. I read at stoplights all the time. Is that... unusual?

  6. I used to read the ending of my Nancy Drew mysteries when I was younger. I couldn't sleep if I didn't know the ending before bed.

    Hope you can come visit. I redesigned my site.

  7. I read and walk, too. I'm usually reading when I go to check the mail, so I'm sure our neighbors wonder about me.

  8. I stopped reading for pleasure while in college - I just didn't have the time. Why did you stop?

  9. LOL--not sure if I've used another book as a bookmark except to hold my place quickly, but my bookmark is holding a place in a second book right now so I'm using my subway pass from Argentina.

    Walk and read? Can't do that! I have to bike and read at the gym...makes for a lazy but productive work out. :)


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