A Year of Readers: New Challenge

Not from me but

From Jodie:

"I love to read. It’s easy for me to pull a new book out of my crowded bookshelves every time I want one but not everyone can just grab books by the handful and choose their next read. Books are one of the most wonderful things in the world and should be accessible to everyone.

In 2009 I want to spread my love of reading throughout the world. From the 1st January 2009 until 31st of December 2009 I will be running an international read-a-thon that will be open to anyone who reads. It aims to bring people who enjoy books together to have fun bringing literature into the lives of others. It doesn’t matter what kind of books you read or how many you read as long as you’ve got your nose in a book in 2009 you can join in.

The Year of Readers

It’s an easy concept (which is probably why I thought of it). You pick a literary charity that you want to support in 2009. You sign up to be part of The Year of Readers, get people to sponsor you and just start reading whatever you like. If you’re going to read next year why not join and help a bookish charity at the same time?

How to Join

Sign up at The Year of Readers Blog (http://yearofreaders.blogspot.com) and you'll get a sponsorship form and an invite to write at the blog. Join in and let The Year of Reading be your first good deed for 2009."

I'm going to check this out.


  1. What a great idea!

  2. A great idea and I've just popped by and signed up.

  3. Thanks for pointing this out!! I'm joining up.


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