Weekly Geeks #19 (and #20)

Yeah, I kept putting off Weekly Geeks this week. I kept thinking I'd get to it but of course never did. However, Dewey gave all us slackers another chance and making our lists, so here it is.

I've only read a few recently published books and many of those were paperback versions of the hardcovers of last year. I did not include those paperbacks in this list.

*The Good Liar Laura Caldwell (Jan 2008)
*The Winter Rose Jennifer Donnelly (Jan 2008)
*50 Ways To Hex Your Lover Linda Wisdom (March 2008)
*Marie-Therese, Child of Terror Susan Nagel (March 2008)
*The Other David Guterson (June 2008)
*The Amnesiac Sam Taylor (June 2008)
*Loyalists and Layabouts Stephen Kimber (May 2008)
*Farworld J Scott Savage (Sept 2008)
*The Gargoyle Andrew Davidson (Aug 2008)
*Capote in Kansas Kim Powers (Oct 2008)

Of all these, the two that impressed me most were

*The Gargoyle
*Marie-Therese, Child of Terror

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  1. Most of what I've read that's been published in 2008 was non-fiction for some reason. I'll definitely have to check out the titles on your list to see what I've been missing.

    One novel I did read that I really enjoyed this year was Recovering Charles. It's a really emotional story of hope, faith, and recovery that's set in post-Katrina New Orleans.

  2. The only book I've read from that list is Farworld. And while I liked it, I wouldn't consider it the best book published in 2008. So far my favorite new book is My Father's Paradise, which I just finished reading--but it's non-fiction. I'll have to check out Marie-Therese--sounds intriguing!

  3. Farworld is the only one I've read, too. I've got a copy of The Winter Rose, though. I'd forgotten I even have that. Oops.


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