RIP III Challenge Wrap-Up

Here it is the 29th of October and it's safe to say that I'm finished Carl's RIP III Challenge. It's been a lot of fun reading scary stories. I'm all set for Halloween!

I did Peril the First

*I Am Legend Richard Matheson
*Coraline Neil Gaiman
*My Cousin Rachel Daphne duMaurier
*Heart-Shaped Box Joe Hill

As always it's been a great challenge. Thanks to Carl for hosting it yet again. So, how did you do?


  1. Congratulations on finishing your challenge!

  2. Congrats on finishing, Chris! That's a great list. Two books I loved and two books I want to read.

  3. Yay for completing the challenge! I had meant to sign up for this one but lost track of time. I recently finished Coraline as well!

  4. carls challenges are too fun not to join! Congrats on finishing!

  5. Congrats Chris! I finished mine too. Maybe next year I'll put I Am Legend on my list :)

  6. Good job! I actually managed to finish, too (shocking). I wish I'd had a copy of Joe Hill's short storis, 20th Century Ghosts, to read for the challenge. That would've been a good one! I loved Heart-Shaped Box.

  7. Congrats on finishing the challenge. I was hoping to read Heart-Shaped Box but didn't have time. Hopefully next year.


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