Happy Halloween

It's Halloween and it's pouring! It's awful. I hope it clears up.

Just a few quick links:

*Google is taking over the world.

*In case you missed it: Oprah endorses the Kindle. Sorry Canadians can't get one at the moment although I'm not totally sold on the idea yet. But we can have one of these.

*10 Halloween Book for Kids.

Anyway Happy Halloween!!!! Have a safe one.


  1. Happy Halloween back at ya!

  2. Happy Halloween. I posted about 6 halloween books here and Boo by Robert Munsch here

  3. Happy Halloween, Chris!

    As for the Google thing: I like the idea of having easy access to out of print books. Let's see how the whole thing works out!

  4. Oh, hahaha, I love the Canadian Kindle! Happy Halloween.

  5. Love that Pony e-reader. Have got to get one of those!

  6. Happy Halloween!

    It's pouring today, although we only had one trick or treater last night anyway.

    I would love for Google to have all the OOP books online.

  7. Oh boy, where can I get ahold of the Pony e-reader? I have to have one. I hope it costs at least as much as the Kindle! It looks like even better technology! LOL!

  8. As an early adopter, I've been using the predecessor of the pony eReader for years. It just didn't have that fancy schmancy hole in the middle. You had to read the text along the outside edges.

    Kids these days have it too easy. :-)

  9. Hope you all had a good Halloween. It did stop raining here. We got about 25 kids.

    I'm glad you all enjoyed the pony ereader. hehehe.

  10. Hi. I just stopped by to tag you for the “7 Random Bookish Things Tag," which you can check out on my blog.

    You're it!

  11. My mom had never heard of the kindle until Oprah endorsed it and after she saw the show she promptly wanted one and got it for her birthday. It worked on her! But to tell you the truth I think she's the perfect market for one. So far she likes it.


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