Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!

I don't usually give free advertising to any company but I just was so pleased I had to blog about it.

Cleaning my ceramic stove top is a pain in the rear. You can't scrub it with anything other than the silicone cleaner stuff. I hate that stuff. It's a chemical and is messy. So when I saw an ad for the Vileda Glass Ceramic Scrunge, I starting looking for it. I just found it at Walmart last week and got to use it today. And I love it! It doesn't take much to scrub the goo of the stove top and no scratches.

Most of the time I'm skeptical about claims in ads but this time I was pleased.

Anyway Vileda in no way had anything to do with this post. I bought the Scrunge myself. I just wanted to share my new discovery. Vileda, you owe me a big box of Scrunges for this free advertising. ;)


  1. Ohhh Awesome!! I thought our black/stainless steel ceramic top stove would look good in our kitchen along with the steel fridge ... but no ... it just looks dirty and nothing cleans it well(ugghh)

    Now I am definitely going to try the Scrunge :)

  2. My stovetop is one of those flat glass ones -- very easy to clean. I hope you get a box full of Scrunges for the free advertising. :)


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