Weekly Geeks #18: The Ketchup Post

Dewey challenged the Weekly Geeks to post a catch up post of all the things we need to catch up on our blogs. I have a few things:

First, my apologies to Amy for not getting to this sooner. She was sweet enough to give me this "I Love Your Blog" award. Thank you Amy!

Since I have so many blogs I love, I'm going to pass this on to the T's in my Google Reader (I skipped the THE's):

Tripping Through Lucidity

Trish's Reading Nook
Things Mean a Lot
Tammy's Book Nook

I think this is a good way to do it. I always have a hard time picking blogs to give these awards to. I do love these blogs though, don't get me wrong! Enjoy!

Other things need doing:

*Finish Mrs Dalloway by the end of the week.
*Figure out a way to keep track of books I've been given that need reviews. I have deadlines on these ones. I really have to get organized here.
*Reply to comments (I've been slacking).
*Sign up for the Read-a-thon in October. Yay!
*Decide on a better way to do a Blogroll. It needs updating. Should I do Following? Or something else? What do you think?

Now that it's in print I have to do it, right? Check back and see.


  1. Congrats. :) Good luck catching up!

  2. Thank you, Chris! I love your blog, too :D

  3. I'm not sure about the Following thing either. With google reader, I don't know that I see the point of being notified another way that something has been updated.

    "Ts", good way to pick blogs, there are so many that we follow now.

  4. Good Luck with your Ketchup list!

    I'm really interested in taking part in the read-a-thon, it sounds like so much fun :)

  5. Ack! The read-a-thon...thanks for the reminder. :-D I need to sign up to be a cheerleader.

  6. Thanks Chris!! I always have a tough time giving out the awards as well, but I like your approach...very diplomatic! :)

  7. Trish & Nymeth- You're welcome!

    Serena- Thanks. I'm trying.

    Raidergirl- I don't know what the thinking was with Following. I'm still undecided.

    Book Zombie and Softdrink- The Read-a-thon is a lot of fun!

  8. Oooh, maybe I should put my to-do's in print so I'll have more incentive to actually do them. It sort of scares me, though.

    Thank you sooo very much for the award! I *heart* your blog too!

  9. Thanks for the award!! I've got lots of catch-up to do, too, but whether it will actually get done is another story, lol.

  10. That's a great way to choose who to pass awards on to!
    Good luck with your catching up.
    I haven't signed up yet but I'm really hoping to join the read-a-thon this time. It sounds like such fun.


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