Weekly Geeks 15: What Is It?

This week's Weekly Geek theme is What Is It? I've taken close up shots of covers of books I've read and mentioned on my blog. The theme I've chosen for my covers is women. Not only to the covers contain women but the books have either women as the protagonist or the book revolves around a woman. They are powerful, manipulative, confused, victimized, pioneering or famous.

What do you think they are? Please leave a comment.


  1. I love the covers, though I have no idea what books they are for. My memory recall is broken!

  2. i saw lolita and one of melissa bank's novel which i forgot the title but have something girlguide & fishing in it..hehe...nice collage!

  3. Great covers! I am lost on the first 3, but here are my guesses for the bottom ones:
    4. The Rest Falls Away (Colleen Gleason)
    5. Girl Interrupted (Susanna Kaysen)
    6. Girls Guide To Hunting and Fishing (Melissa Bank)

  4. The one in the upper right-hand corner appears to be the Gwen Raverat illustration from the cover of Justine Picardie's Daphne. I was disappointed that the American edition, which I'm reading now (nearly finished!) has a different and less pleasing cover.

    The one in the lower left-hand corner looks Philippa Gregory-ish, but I'll stop there since I'm sure I haven't read any of these books except Daphne.

  5. #5 is Lolita, I think. I don't recognize the others.

  6. The only one I recognize for sure is the last one... The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing by Melissa Bank.

  7. You guys are good!

    #3 is Daphne (Great job Rob!):famous
    #4 is The Rest Falls Away (Excellent Book Zombie):powerful
    #5 is Lolita (Good one Ichigo and Alessandra): victimized
    #6 is The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing (Ichigo, Book Zombie & Pussreboots- good job): confused

    So that leaves #1 & #2. Hint: manipulative & pioneering are left.

  8. #1 is The Winter Rose by Jennifer Donnelly, I think? So... pioneering?

  9. Ah! I found #1 on your sidebar of books you've reviewed in 2008!

  10. Is #1 The Winter Rose by Jennifer Donnelly?

  11. Yes. Yes. And Yes.
    #1 is The Winter Rose (pioneering- she was a doctor in the 1800s).

    So that leaves manipulative. Here's a hint: this is a classic British novel.

  12. pretty pics, and I can say for sure that #4 is one of Victoria Gardella books. Rises the Night, maybe?

    #6-the girl's guide to hunting and fishing, I believe. Otherwise I'm stumped. Very cool though.

  13. Ack, I give up... I cannot figure out which cover #2 is.


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