Most Extravagant Giveaways: WINNER

The following nominees are known for their generosity. Often times, they offer up books that they've read and enjoyed as giveaways to their visitors. Considering what voracious readers they all are it's quite a number. They must spend a fortune in postage but what a great way to share the passion of reading!

Let's have a look at them all before I announce the winner:

Bookroom Reviews

"I don't like to talk about myself much but I love to brag on books! It all started with Library Thing this past May, I discovered you could get free ARC's and there is this super cool message board that showed me how. Then it was suddenly raining books at my house. My dream come true. I discovered a love of writing reviews, though I do dread them sometimes. But I am passionate about helping authors get their book noticed. I also love to give away books! It is my favorite thing to do on my blog. On a personal note I am a wife and mom of two boys. We live in Iowa and are Hawkeye addicts. I am a teacher at the college level and have worked in social work. When I am not compulsively reading blogs and steadily wading through my latest (hopefully) beautifully constructed ARC my life revolves around my family and friends and church. This community of book blogs is the most generous and lovely group of people and it has been a joy getting to know them."

Tracy celebrated her nomination with...what else...a giveaway!

In the Shadow of Mt. TBR

And it's a big Mountain! Alisha is also known as KoolAidMom. "I am a single mom of three beautiful daughters, ages 9, 14, and 15. I also have 3 cats. I’ve got a few other blogs, but I’ve started this one here specifically for reviewing the books I read. I have only been reading contemporary fiction since about January, so I also have a deep love of the classics."

J.Kaye Book Blog

"My name is J. Kaye Oldner. The "J" stands for Judith, but most of my friends call me "J. Kaye". I love reading, writing, and blogging. Something I started late in 2007 is reviewing books. J. Kaye’s Book Blog began as a way to keep a record of books I read, but it blossomed into so much more. People who comment on a regular basis make the blog something special. Each morning with my first cup of coffee in hand, I fire up the computer to read and respond back to the latest blog posts. It’s like sharing morning coffee with friends around the kitchen table, only we’re doing it online."

J. Kaye is also a homeschooling mother of three who has written 2 books. Where does she find the time?!

Maw Books Blog

Nastasha is the author of Maw's Books. She's a stay at home mom of two little boys in Utah. "To tell you a bit about myself, I love to read. I also have a weakness: I love to own great books. For some odd reason it gives me great satisfaction to see all the different titles bursting at the seams on the bookshelf. I immensely enjoy having a personal library and know that having books in my home will also encourage my children to read." What a great way to pass on a passion!

Tree Swing Reading

Tami is a mom to two little girls and is on the leadership for her church's library. "It is my mission with this blog to introduce others to Christian fiction and all the things that reading a story can teach us about faith, hope, peace, love, and our Lord."

Why Tree Swing Reading? "I named my blog Tree Swing Reading because my favorite place to read is under the tree in our yard in the yard swing." She is also the author of Crafty Girl and Creative Tree Designs. Another Busy Bee!

So who is the winner of the first ever BBAW Most Extravagant Giveaways?

******Drumroll Please!******

Congratulations Maw Books!!!


  1. Congrats to Natasha! I love the write-ups, Chris!

  2. EEEK! Thank you so much! I'm really surprised! Now, I'll have to live up to the title!

  3. Congrats to you award well deserved!

  4. Congrats Natasha! Well deserved!

  5. Thanks Chris for the wonderful write-up too:)

  6. Congratulations, Natasha!

  7. Congratulations! You SOO deserve it!

  8. Congrats, Natasha!

  9. Nice one Natasha. Keep up the good work.



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