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Literary Feline from Musings of a Bookish Kitty is having a giveaway to celebrate her and her husband's 10th anniversary. All together now: Awwwww! In honour of all that smushy, gushy love she asks her readers to name their favorite literary couple. Here's my answer:

Jane Eyre and Edward Rochester:
I have a lot of favorite couples: Jamie and Claire and their hot love thing, Elizabeth and Mr Darcy and their 'I hate/love him/her' but I had to go with Jane and Mr R. They have some big obstacles in the way of their love and any reader of romance knows it's all about the obstacles. She's poor, no not just poor, poooooooor. Orphaned and hated by her relatives, Jane has to make it on her own. Edward is super rich and has the hotest chick in the county after him (well, his bank account anyway). A huge class difference there. Oh and yeah, there's the tiny problem of the lady in the attic too.

Now Jane isn't a lotto winner in the looks department and if Mr R didn't have a dime, Miss Ingram wouldn't give him a second look- unless it was to peer down her perfect nose in disgust, but that doesn't matter. They have a soul connection, a mind connection. Mr R might antagonize Jane but she can see through all his bologna and sees the soul underneath the grouchy facade.

Of course the road to the Happy Ending is a rocky one. After a shocking revelation at the altar, Jane packs her bags to leave. Part of me shouts at Jane to stay with Mr R when he throws himself at her bedroom door crying for her. My heart just breaks for them both. Jane knows herself too well to give in to his and my pleading. She knows she could never live with herself and would only end up hating him. She has to go out on her own once again, only this time she's leaving behind all the love she's ever known.

But never fear! A Happy Ending is on the way and just at the moment all hope seems lost and Jane is about to sail to Africa, Mr R calls out to her over the moors. Through their supernatural connection Jane hears and makes her way back to him. True Love conquers!

So Happy Anniversary Literary Feline and Anjin and a love as timeless as Jane and Edward's!!


  1. Thank you so much, Chris! Jane Eyre is my favorite classic novel and so you can imagine how much I adore Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester.

  2. Jane Eyre is one of those books I can't believe I haven't read yet. I plan to remedy that this year, though. I can't wait to finally meet and and Mr Rochester.

  3. Love Jane Eyre! I saw a movie on PBS and fell in love with the story. Read the book in like a day. And here in Minnesota, there is a lovely theatre adaptation that I was able to go see. I've seriously considered seeing it again because I liked it so much. Such a dramatic relationship, and the connection she felt to Rochester was just... electric. Sigh :-)

  4. Ah, this directs back to last week's question. I still haven't read Jane Eyre, which has been sitting on my shelf (same shelf) since high school! Your post has certainly acted as a catalyst! :)


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