BTT: Whatchareading?

It’s a holiday weekend here in the U.S., so let’s keep today’s question simple–What are you reading? Anything special? Any particularly juicy summer reading?

At the moment, I'm reading an ARC: The Amnesiac by Sam Taylor. Later in July, I'll be reading The Far Pavilions with my reading club. We usually pick a nice fat book for summer. One year it was War & Peace, another it was The Count of Monte Cristo. That was a great summer read I'd recommend to anyone.

What are you reading?

Happy Summer!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture! :)

  2. I loved The Far Pavilions - I envy you reading it for the first time.

  3. I've got the Amnesiac waiting for me too!
    Right now though I'm actually between books. I finished the one I was reading so I need to go spend some time in front of the bookshelves :)

  4. First - I LOVE your heading photo of Saywer reading a book! I adore him and "Lost" is one of my favorite show!

    I read War and Peace a long time ago and enjoy it. Speaking of fat book, if you want fattest book you should try Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. While they are HUGE and thick, it is all worth the reading imo. And I'm reading one of her book at the moment "A Breath of Snow and Ashes" :)

    Happy BTTs! Have a good reading and fun weekend ahead!

  5. Excellent picture!

    Happy Summer back to you and do read the book thief it is wonderful.

  6. Oh man, that's one of my favorite Lost moments. Hearts!

    I'm reading The Orphan's Tales: In the Night Garden, by Catherynne M. Valente. It's a reread, but it's so dense that's it's almost like a new book.

    ♥ Renay

  7. Me, too, on the pic! I'm reading The Questory of Root Karbunkulus, Washington's Lady, and No Such Thing As a Bad Day. All are great reads, so far.

  8. What a great pic! Be still my heart! :)

    I'm reading a few things right now. The heaviest emotionally is Susanna Barlow's memoir, What Peace There May Be about growing up as the middle child in a polygamous family. It's a really good read, and an interesting perspective since we don't often get to hear the children's point of view.

    Other than that, I've got some fluff to take the edge off, and the first three volumes of Simon Scarrow's Roman Legion series to work my way through.

  9. I'm drooling over the pic... Did you see him on Ellen? GAWD! I would give 10 years of my life to have been one of those women!!!! :-P

  10. I'll remember your Count of Monte Cristo recommendation.


  11. I'm glad you all liked the photo ;)

    Booksplease- I'm looking forward to it.

    Iliana- It's a bit strange. I'm almost done and still don't know what's going on!

    Ruth- Sounds interesting.

    Koolaidmom- Didn't see that one!


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