Bonjour! Did Ya's Miss Me?

Yes, I said ya's.

I'm back from Moncton, New Brunswick, which was fun. I'll have to post some pics. Just about everyone there is bilingual so when I had the 'deer in headlights' look when someone parle-vous francais at me, I'd have that person exclaim, "oh you speak English!" I'm a little jealous of that duality. That ability to converse beautifully in 2 languages and never bat an eye at switching in mid-sentence. I listened to 3 people at a table near me in a restaurant have a conversation in English. One of them left and the remaining 2 continued in French. Tres cool! And everyone was so nice about it too!

Anyway, although I like to blog, it was a nice little break. But now I'm back and ready to blog again.


  1. And you are...? Oh, that's right I've seen you around the book blogosphere here. ;)

    Look forward to seeing your photos of your trip.

  2. Welcome back! I just got back from Argentina and had many of the same feelings about the dual languages (as many down there speak English despite their protests that their english isn't great). My sister is *almost* bilingual and I'm very very jealous! What an awesome ability to have, huh?

  3. Welcome back! Missed you terribly and can't wait to read your bloggy goodness.

  4. Wow, that was a short trip. Welcome back!

  5. Hey, was that you at The Gap at Champlain Mall on Saturday? I thought I saw you there, because I was there too! We went to a baseball tournament in Riverview from Friday til we just got home today.
    That's too weird!

  6. Raidergirl- That's too funny! Did you go to Magic Mountain? That place is wild. My girl could live there.

    We must have just missed each other. I was on the way back home on Friday. I waved to you from the car ;)

  7. Oh, gee, Chris, you scared me! I was here yesterday, happy to find your site again, and left a vote and a message. But not for love or money could I set up a link back, after I left. Then you arrived at my site, left a nice message and I went completely blank. Chris? Chris? *Which* Chris? Thank the Lord you left a picture which tracks back. And that [gasp] is the story of how Chris scared Lynne!!!


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