The Amnesiac: A Review

I received The Amnesiac by Sam Taylor as an ARC for review so I feel a bit bad writing that I didn't care for it that much. I also feel that I have to be honest.

James falls on the stairs and breaks his leg at the same time he remembers that he's forgotten three years of his life. This prompts James to leave his Dutch girlfriend in search of his missing past. James returns to England and, in a series of events that I don't quite understand, finds himself in the house connected with the missing years of his life. Somehow he's wrapped up in a mystery surrounding the suicide of a college student. The key to this mystery may lie in the pages of a manuscript of an 1893 murder story he finds hidden in various places around the house.

The premise is pretty good and I was excited to start reading this book but I found myself wishing that James would pick up the pace and figure things out. For one thing, James writes an account of his life, the parts that he can remember, and some of it is dull. During all of this, bizarre incidents happen to him. I'd think, "Great, now we're getting somewhere" but then James would choose to forget the incident.

The manuscript is the most interesting part of the story. I was more interested in Martin and Angelina than James. I did find some of the ideas about memory interesting:
*How strange and confusing it would be to have 3 years missing from your life.
*What you believe has happened to you affects your perception of reality now.
I found myself thinking of these things as I read the book.

I was really wanting the story to go in another direction so maybe that's why I found myself disappointed with the ending.

I'd recommend this book if you have a degree in psychology.


  1. I'm glad that you wrote an honest review. If ARC's only illicited positive reviews, I'd never trust them. Good for you. Too bad about the book though.

  2. Oh darn... Well, like John said it's good that you went with your honest opinion. I have this book waiting for me so we'll see how it goes!

  3. John- Thanks.

    Iliana- Maybe you'll like it more than I did. I hope so.

  4. At least the author didn't leave a haughty comment on your post like the author of Bunko Babes did on mine. I appreciate your honesty! :-)

  5. Trish- Eep! That's an author no-no. It never looks good when one does that.


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