Read-a-thon Meme

Athena tagged me for the Read-a-thon Meme. Since I'm participating in Dewey's Read-a-thon, it's fairly appropriate.

If I had 24 hours to read, be my goals would be… to finish one full book.

This is what I am going to have to do to get 24 hours of reading… That's not going to happen with a 5 year old and a husband. They are going to expect some of my time. I can't just say, "Sorry, reading."

If someone asked me for recommendations of “can’t put down” books for the read-a-thon, I would recommend: The Thirteenth Tale and The Time Traveler's Wife

If you participated in the October 2007 read-a-thon:
For you, what was your favorite part of the October read-a-thon and why? I was a cheerleader for October's Read-a-thon. It was fun cheering people on and watching everyone's progress. It made me decide to join in!

How many hours/ books/ pages were you able to read in the Read-a-thon? I read a bit but mostly I was visiting blogs.

As for tagging, Samantha @ Bookworms and tea lovers and Gautami are participants.


  1. I completely agree with your suggestions for "can't put down" reads - those are both terrific.


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