Read-a-thon: 4:30pm

It's about 4:30: 147 pgs of Summer. I'm enjoying this book but I think my next book will be something lighter.

The sun has come out but the breeze is nice and cool. Sitting on the back deck isn't as pleasant as the front porch. There are baby spiders everywhere and the odor of the stables down the street is distracting. I'll be sitting in the front soon.


  1. OK...Here's a cheer for you: Stay away from those baby spiders!! Ewww...I hate spiders!!

    Glad to hear you like the book, but yeah. I bet it's a bit deep!

  2. How nice to sit on the porch and read a book all day. Watch for the spiders!!

    When you're done reading, come by my blog to sign up for to win a free book of your choice.

    Keep on reading!!!

  3. Summer is in my Readthon TBR pile too, but thanks for saying that it is not the lightest. I love Wharton, but I can delay it if she's too intense for the readathon today. Cheers!


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