Read-a-thon: 3 pm

So, I've been reading 3 hours: 104 pgs of Summer.

I had to stop and make lunch for the kid, do some laundry and filled the bird feeders. I've done most of my reading outside. The fresh air really makes a difference.

I've wished a few fellow Read-a-thoners luck by stopping into their blogs.
Thanks for the comments everyone. I'll drop in to see you later in the day.

I'm breaking now for tea!

Nymeth's Mini-Challenge:

I read Unshelved's Coraline. That was cute. I have Coraline in the TBR pile. I'm saving it for Carl's RIP Challenge. I'll have to read Unshelved more often.


  1. I love Coraline. It's definitely a perfect choice for RIP. I hope you enjoy it too!

  2. Coraline would be a very good choice for the RIP Challenge!!

    Good luck with your reading today. I have to work this afternoon. Bummer for me. So, I'm just here to cheerlead! Maybe next year!

  3. I was under the impression Coraline was creepy? Am I wrong?

    Keep reading! I'm cheering you on!

  4. I think I'm going to move outside for my next reading. And I love Coraline too! :)


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