Read-a-thon: 11:30 pm

My cozy socks


What I'm reading

Reading pals

My eyes are getting tired. It's time for more coffee. I'm 110 pgs into The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing. Jane has grown up and has an affair with some old dude. I'm not sure if I'm liking this book. Maybe it's time for a change.


  1. LOL, nice summary of the book. Maybe I'll leave this one on my shelves for another few years.

  2. Ok, I now see that it IS your own photo! I love your reading pals. Mine is just meowing at the door to go outside, even though I tell her and tell her that after dark, coyotes will eat her.

  3. Great pics! and you had me confused - WHERE are you that you're an hour ahead of me? Canada!? uh, yep... COOL! I think I need some sleep. Keep reading and having fun, -Care

  4. Ha ha--yup, same book. :) That is pretty much the only thing I can remember about the book. Those strawberries look delicious. I've got pasta heating in the oven, but not sure carbs are going to be the best thing going on hour 13!!

  5. love the socks and cats, and those fresh NS strawberries? mmmm. I must go get myself a box of them.


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