Read-a-thon: 11 am

Wow! It's almost 24 hours since I started reading. I took a small 7 hour break (just a little one) but I've reached the goals I set. I'm actually a little surprised.

Anyway, I'm on page 197 of The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing. It has it's ups and downs but mostly it's ups.

Btw, during hour 22 if you visit and comment on the readers of the hour you could win the bookmark I made (shameless plug).


  1. Great picture! And you're linked now. :) I wonder if my spam filter caught your comment the first time? Sorry about that!

  2. What a pretty bookmark. Almost're doing great!

  3. This is a cool challenge, and while I was dedicated to proofreading my galleys, yesterday in the mail ... I got a book! My friend Alison Gaylin's new suspense thriller HEARTLESS, which will be out Sept. 2. I am halfway through this, abandoning my actual work and I should feel guilty but it's so good I can't stop! A soap opera magazine writer goes to a small town in Mexico where creepy ritual sacrifices are taking place.

  4. We went to bed at the same time. Onward to the finish line! :)

  5. I took a "short nap" too -- 7.5 hours. Interested to read your final opinions on Hunting & Fishing. I've got it on my TBR pile -- if I read enough good reviews, maybe I'll move it up.

    Half an hour to go -- we're almost there!

  6. pretty bookmark! I was going to ask (when I saw the picture) where you get that, but's a contest!

    Really pretty.

    BTw, I'm thinking about doing a read-a-thon too.

  7. Glad to see Nymeth thinks it's pretty, since she won! ;)


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