Weekly Geeks #1, Visit Someone New

Since I started blogging over a year ago, I've met a lot of great bloggers: book bloggers and otherwise. I enjoy reading their new posts but after awhile I stopped visiting new-to-me blogs. This is pure laziness, of course. After finding so many blogs and plugging them into Google Reader, I just sort of forgot about visiting new blogs. So, this week's Weekly Geeks is a perfect opportunity to remedy that.

This week's assignment was discover 5 new-to-me blogs. Check out what I found:

*Mrs S visited me and I returned the favour. What a good looking blog!

*I love the name of Samantha's blog Bookworms and tea lovers. She's reading a lot of Agatha Christie novels.

*Sally from Oz's blog Book and other Games has a great list of quotes for one of her posts.

*The Biblio Brat has a well written negative review of The Interpretation of Murder. Very interesting.

*Reader Rabbit is 2 sisters (Reader Rabbit1 and Reader Rabbit2) who do book reviews. Love the name.

So there you go. 5 new bloggers visited and there are more I'll be checking out. Thanks to all the new 'faces' who've commented. Nice to have you here!


  1. Oh, this sounds fun. I went over and signed up and commented that I saw it here on your blog. If I understand it all right, that means more chances for you to win the chocolate monkey! Yeah! Now... going to visit "new to me" blogs....

  2. Thanks for a great post, and no, not just because I am mentioned.

    Not that my feeder needed more blogs added, but the others bloggers mentioned here do have such lovely sites.

    Now I know why I don't get as many reviews done as I like, I spend so much of my time catching up on my feeds...but don't mind my whining as each minute spent visiting is well worth it!

  3. Greetings, Chris,
    Your's is the first new blog that moi hast visited.

    I like your upside-down flower logo much.

    Stay on groovin' safari,

  4. Suey- Glad you signed up!

    Biblio- Thanks! My reviews are behind for the same reason.

    Tor- Thanks Tor!


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