Victoria Usova: Chest of Fairytales

One thing about Etsy that I love is finding art that I've never seen anywhere else before. I'm amazed by the talented people selling online. Recently, I made up a Treasury (a catalogue of some of my favorite things) and included the work of Victoria Usova. I'm happy to show more of her work here. Anyone participating in Carl's Once Upon a Time Challenge might enjoy these.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Not So Bad Wolf is one of my favorites.
The red just pops out at me.

There's a childlike quality to her work but it's not childish. I could see these not only hanging in a kid's room but in other parts of the home as well.

These are illustrations for a Russian folktale. Makes me wonder what it's all about!

I love the colours in 'Singing with the Birds', the gold and pink hues.

I hope you've enjoyed looking at these magical pictures. If you'd like to see more of Victoria Usova's work or even buy some, check out her shop Chest of Fairytales.


  1. Wow, those are beautiful. I'll have to go there and check some stuff out. I'm new to that website.

  2. What fun! I just looove those.

  3. These are gorgeous - I want one!! Thanks for pointing these out.

  4. this is a lovely post;) I am very happy to be in your blog!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing these! They're beautifully whimsical.

  6. I love and loathe etsy (the loathing comes from the fact that I don't have millions to spend there...ha!).

    These are really fun. I especially like the first one both for the image itself and it's theme. I just love the fall and this one certainly has an autumn feel.

  7. Vita- Glad you liked it!

    Thanks everyone for having a look!

  8. Your blog is very pretty.

    Beautiful works.

    From Argentina.I have art blog.

    ...My pictures diferent stile.If yuo like see:



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