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Hey, folks! Today I have something a little different, a guest post from Linda Wisdom, author of 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover. You can find my review here. Anyway, here she is, Linda Wisdom.

I’ve been told that Jazz, the witchy heroine in 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover and I are very much alike. So let’s look at the similarities.

Jazz and I both speak our minds at times, but she can says what I’d love to say and have magic if she needs it.

She’s snarky. I’m snarky. She has red hair. I have red hair. She’s tall. I’m short. She’s gorgeous. I’m short.

I think many of us would say we echo at least one of our characters. I know that’s happened to me, but never more than with Jazz. She’s lived with me for quite awhile as I worked on the book and then had no choice but to work on the second book, Hex Appeal, which comes out this November.

She also gives me the chance to stick bits of history in the book. After all, she and her witch friends have been around for 700 years.

She’s lived history, had passionate ups and downs with Nikolai Gregorivich, a vampire enforcer from The Protectorate who’s now a private investigator. She’s dealing with a cranky ghost haunting her beloved 1956 T-Bird convertible and having to keep a tight rein on Fluff and Puff, the bunny slippers from hell and considering their background, it’s not far from the truth.

Throw it all together and you have a fun book. At least, I had a lot of fun writing it and I hope you all have just as much reading it.


What do you do when a witch named Jazz pops up and says “have I got a story for you?”

Easy, you write it.

About 2 ½ years ago Jazz showed up and told me she was one of 13 witches expelled from the Witches Academy in 1313 because one of them cast an illegal spell and no one would own up to being the wrongdoer and no one else turned them in. Punishment was they were banished to the outside world for 100 years and as long as they behaved they would be returned to the academy after the 100 years. Which is why 700 years later they’re still in the outside world.

I started thinking, what would a banished witch be like? What would she get mixed up in? After that, it all just sort of rolled over me.

Jazz would believe in dressing cute witch and sometimes goth witch along with scary witch when needed, she’d drive a hot car and nothing like a 1956 T-Bird convertible to add to the cute factor. Even if cranky Irma is there. Seems she’s haunted the car since 1956 (an interesting story behind that) and while Jazz would like nothing more than to have the ghost gone from the car, and you’d think since she’s a curse eliminator she should be able to do it. But nope, for all Irma claims she wants out of the car, she’s not budging no matter how much magick is thrown at her.

But there’s still got to be more than witch and ghost, so hmm, what next? A guy. We need a hot sexy guy, so let’s go for vampire. And make him Jazz’s on and off lover. Nikolai Gregorivich, now Nick Gregory, former enforcer for the Vampire Protectorate and determined to keep Jazz from getting into trouble by having her tossed into mortal jail. No wonder there’s times she’d prefer tossing witchflame at him rather than kiss. Still, he’s a really good kisser.

Jazz lives in a Victorian house in Santa Monica with friend and web designer for the undead, Krebs, near enough to the boardwalk she can satisfy her need for cotton candy, funnel cake and Ferris wheel rides and work as a curse eliminator by day and driver for All Creatures Car Service by night.

Life couldn’t be better for her. Then Nick shows up in her life after several decades apart and he’s looking to take down a serial killer of vampires. Except he needs Jazz’s magickal help.

Along the way Jazz shows a television executive it’s not nice to mess with a witch’s payment, deals with her toothy magickal bunny slippers, Fluff and Puff, who are convinced anything in the house is theirs, even when it’s not and try to stay out of trouble since the Witches Council tends to add time on to a misbehaving witch’s time of banishment.

You’d think that would be enough, wouldn’t you? But it’s not when olive-green Dweezil, her boss, does his best to make Jazz’s life miserable. A Barbie-like elf named Mindy is more than she appears. Totally gross creature Tyge Foulshadow has the hots for her and we’re talking major euww there! A sheriff’s detective who may know there’s creatures in town, we’re talking LA here!, but that doesn’t mean he wants to believe in them.

And then there’s Nick. Nick, who needs more than some sweet talking to get Jazz to agree to help him bring down the big bad from their past.

Jazz is soooo not ready for this, but hey, she’s over 700 year old, her power has been growing over the centuries and well, it does mean spending time with Nick as long as he doesn’t try to have her thrown in jail.

So that’s Jazz. A witch with snark and attitude. A witch who loves roller coasters and Ferris wheels. A witch who will be there for you and if you betray her, well, duck. Otherwise, you could end up looking like a Fourth of July Roman candle.

Now do you see why I listened when Jazz spoke? And let me tell you, that witch didn’t shut up! She had so much to say that I ended up writing a second book set a few months later.

I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun writing a book. The road was bumpy at times, but also very fast. There were times I was frustrated, but I had precious friends and family who refused to let me stop. And out of that process was Jazz and the other witches who will have stories of their own.

Because I listened to a snarky witch a book that I consider the book of my heart is on the shelves, I hope you’ll pick up a copy of 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover and you’ll enjoy reading it. And if you do enjoy it, please blackmail friends and family to pick it up too. Jazz and I would appreciate it.


Thank you so much, Linda, for visiting book-a-rama today.


  1. The book sounds fun. I'm not surprised you had fun writing it!

    BTW I love your name. Is it a pen name or have you lived with it all your life? A name like "wisdom" would be a lot to live up to.

  2. Hi Mary Margret!

    It's my real name.


  3. Hi Linda!
    Love the similarities between you and Jazz. I do think we writers tend to put a bit of ourselves into ALL our characters. My brother got a real laugh when I told him my hero in The Wild Sight has a bossy older sister. Seems my brother knew exactly where I got the idea for THAT character! :-)

  4. LOL about your older brother! My close friends recognize a lot of me in Jazz. I wasn't sure if they meant it as a compliment or not. :> I take it that I'm as fun as Jazz.



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