Back from Away

I was away over the weekend. It was a trip that was both fun and aggravating. Five year olds don't like to shop unless it's at Toys-R-Us.

Dana asked:

My question is, is there anything you wouldn't be able to stand your significant other reading? Or are you ok with anything? Let me know

...after reading this NY Times article. Aquatique, a single lady, had an interesting discussion about it in this post.

For myself, my husband doesn't read anything unless it's a manual for some electronic thing-a-ma-jig. This is in no way a reflection of his intelligence. Actually, it might be, because I can never understand manuals. I usually end up tossing them and using trial and error. Hubby never liked reading. Math and science is his thing. He's probably the smartest person I know (don't tell him that). I've always found intelligence attractive.

Reading is a hobby. Some people have knitting, baking, stamps, model trains. I have reading. Hubby has other hobbies. He loves racing (watching not doing, thank goodness) and tinkering. He does admit to reading Tom Clancy many, many years ago. I've thrown out reading suggestions and offered him books but he doesn't bite. Maybe this one?:

Just kidding!

I would love to see him reading. Anything. It would make my little heart happy but I don't need him to read. I love him the way he is.


  1. Just you wait. My girls actually like to shop. Especially if they end up with something!! They love to go clothes shopping. It's actually kind of scary. But yesterday for Ana's birthday, she got a $50 gift card for a clothing we get to go get (hopefully) a couple of outfits for summer...and maybe some shoes!!

  2. Too funny! My husband isn't a reader either, but in his profound boredom he read my illustrated copy of Peter Pan. I was happy with that. A friend gave me "The Innocent" by Grisham a few days ago, and I'm hoping that will tempt him while it is sitting on the counter. Once upon a time he was a reader of Grisham.

  3. My husband is definitely a reader, but doesn't have as much time as I do to read, so he uses me as a pre-screening service. ;) The only way I can imagine not being happy with his reading material is if he read & loved something that I considered horribly, horribly misogynistic, racist, etc., and well, he just isn't that kind of person.

  4. LOL at the "single lady" reference. I honestly would not care, and most of the people in the article are writers or editors so reading in their life. For many readers, it's just a hobby (albeit some more passionate than others) so it's not exactly my number one priority for a life partner. Some sort of intelligence would be nice, but it doesn't need to come from literary discussions. ;)

  5. My husband is a reader and that's in part what brought us together in the first place--so it is an important part of our relationship. That doesn't make it so for everyone else though. Still, are tastes don't always line up, and we don't always read the same types of material, and that is okay. I can't think of anything I would have a problem with him reading . . .

  6. Stephanie- Happy shopping! The crazy thing is that I was shopping for clothes for her. Kids.

    Trish- We can hope!

    Heather- Yes, that would be bad.

    Athena- Intelligence is important, that's for sure.

    Lit Feline- You're pretty lucky to have that in common.

  7. My lovely hubby wasn't a reader either until I...and a little guy named Harry Potter....came into his life about 7 years ago. Now he reads about a book a month. Harlan Coben is a favorite of his, with fast paced thrillers. Maybe your race loving husband would enjoy those!


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