Winter Bazaar: Flower Hair Clip

Scribbit (Michelle) continues her Winter Bazaar. I ran out of ideas ages ago. I'm impressed that Michelle seems to have a never ending supply of them.

I did think of this one though. Something pretty for spring: Flower Hair Clip.

You need a bouquet of silk flowers (Dollarama)
A pair of wire cutters
floral tape
hair clips (spring loaded)

Cut a single flower with stem long enough to lay across the length of the clip. Wrap floral tape around and around the clip and stem to hold in place. Continue wrapping floral tape around the entire clip. See photo below.
For more ideas, visit the Winter Bazaar.


  1. This idea is adorable! My daughter's hair is getting long enough to try this. Plus, I'd like one for ME! thank you for sharing it.

  2. So pretty!! I could go for this in my new 'do'!

  3. I wonder if I can get my tom boy girls to wear these. They would be darling for Easter Sunday.

  4. super cute. I think I might do one for be with a bright tropical flower...maybe not so big cause my hair is short

  5. Amber- Good idea.

    Heather- That would look sweet on you.

    Ice Cream- Maybe you can convince them for just one day.

    Teachin'- That would be cute too.

  6. Oh very cute--reminds me of a store I've found that I'll be reviewing and doing a giveaway for them in a couple weeks. But I love an easy way to make them!

  7. With six daughters this will go over BIG! Thanks for the quick tutorial.


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