Sorry, couldn't help myself. Does anyone know how long boiled eggs will keep unrefridgerated? We made these last week from regular food colour (10 drops), a cup of water and 1 Tbsp of vinegar. A clear wax crayon was used for the designs. Simple and fun.

Happy Easter!!!!


  1. Thanks for posting this---the picture is so nice you've reawakened my interest in egg decorating. My roommate and I are going to do some later today or tomorrow.

    Gorgeous eggs!

  2. Until they smell horribly and you're rushed to the Emergency Room?

    I don't know how long they'll keep but they sure are pretty!

  3. Beautiful!! Happy Easter to you!

  4. No idea unfortunately but those sure are pretty :)
    Happy Easter!

  5. Beautiful eggs. I'm going to have to try the food coloring idea next year. I'm no help with how long eggs will last either. Sorry.

  6. Thanks guys! They lasted through Easter so I'll toss them out today.


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