50 Ways to Hex Your Lover: Review

50 Ways to Hex Your Lover is a paranormal romance, so leave your disbelief at the door. It's pure escapist fun. Jazz is a 700 year old witch who wears her clothes tight and drives her classic, haunted car fast. Jazz is just an ordinary working girl. She drives 'special' clients for a car service and is paid well. Still, she always seems to be broke and looking for a quick way to make cash. After a successful curse elimination job, she runs into her old flame, vampire Nick Gregory. Words, and fire balls, are exchanged but not before Nick reveals that vampires are disappearing and fears a Dorian Gray-ish character named Clive Reeves is behind it. Jazz finds herself facing an old nemesis and a situation that requires all her power and more.

5o Ways to Hex Your Lover is filled with an assortment of the strangest kinds of creatures dwarfs, ghosts, a pair of man-eating bunny slippers and a big smelly...something. Every character has their own bizarre quirks, which keeps the story quite entertaining. There is so much going on in this story though, that I felt that some of the romantic storyline between Jazz and Nick was lost. Still, they had time for a little something-something during this fun ride.


  1. Man eating bunny slippers??? Sounds like lots of fun! Sometimes it's great to leave reality far far far behind and just relax into something fun.

  2. LOL, I don't think this is one I would've picked up on my own, but it sounds fun!

  3. Sounds fun and I agree with Andi - not one I'd normally have picked up but you have me intrigued. Loved the egg, btw.


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