Well, at least we had that one day

Trying to read, Child wiggles in my lap.

Me: Can you be good, please?

Child: I was good one day.

Me: One day? In your whole 5 years on this earth?

Child: Well, maybe two.


  1. Very cute.

    I'm visiting my parents with my two kids in tow. My mom asked my daughter (4) to help set the table. She replied that she helps set the table at home but she didn't come here to work.

    Oh the things they say.

  2. How adorable. Hope you cherish that one (or possibly two) day(s). :D

  3. John- I don't blame her.

    Andi & Kookiejar- Thanks, the things she says sometimes...

  4. Too funny. I love it.

  5. It would be interesting to know which day(s) your daughter considered to be the ones when she was good to see if they matched yours. My husband produced my daughter's sleep toy one night, before being asked to hunt for it, and said, "Who loves you more than Daddy?" To which Reid replied without hesitation, "Grandma." Poor him.

  6. Charity & Deniz- Thanks. She's a keeper.

    Momonthego- LOL! She's honest.


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