Found Items

Ever stumble over something while web surfing and think, "Oh cool! I've never seen anything like this on the internet" only to find out you're the last person on the planet who hasn't heard of it.

Here are some of the things recently discovered by me and of course I have to share with you. Kinda like Columbus 'finding' America, they've already been discovered by thousands of people. It's my blog; I'm planting a flag in these:

My Live Signature
: (Above)I could spend hours making these. (Yes, I'm that vain.) Try experimenting to find your best autograph for when you're rich and famous.

Esty: Drool over what the creative people are making. I wish I had that kind of talent.

sk*rt: Interesting stuff on the internet rated by women. If you have a profile, friend me. I'm, guess what, chrisbookarama.

Blogher: "Community for women who blog." Found this last month. I submitted my blog then, but it's still not on the blog list :(

Design Mom: Scribbit was a Guest Mom recently, which is how I found this amazing blog. Those are some creative moms!

If you've found something you're sure will be 'the next bit thing', how about letting me in on it. It would be nice to say, "What! You haven't heard of that?!" for a change.


  1. So funny, I just discovered "podcasts" so I know what you mean :)
    I love Etsy... If I'm shopping for a cute necklace or purse I go there first. I actually did most of my Christmas shopping on that site and it was great.

  2. I didn't know about My Live Sig. Thanks!

  3. Iliana- I'm easily distracted by shiny objects. The stuff they sell is gorgeous.

    Ladytink- You're Welcome!

  4. Darn, I just tried adding a signature to a comment and it didn't work. Wonder if I'll ever be able to get around that...

    Anyway, I had fun with my signature.

  5. I recently joined Sk*rt but I haven't done much with it. I added you as a friend.

    Stumble is another fun time waster. :)

  6. Hi Chris. I'm the Contributing Editor for books at BlogHer. I just checked our blogrolls and your blog is actually appearing twice in the blog list! You can see it on the master list and it will be on the book-specific list (it's being a wee bit tempermental at the moment).

  7. Sassymonkey- Thanks. I just noticed it was on the main list a few days ago. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Sheila- I haven't really done much with it either. Thanks for the visit!


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