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I had a post ready for today, but I liked this suggestion from Chris even better, so … thanks, Chris!

Here’s something for Valentine’s Day.

Have you ever fallen out of love with a favorite author? Was the last book you read by the author so bad, you broke up with them and haven’t read their work since? Could they ever lure you back?

Don’t forget to leave a link to your actual response (so people don’t have to go searching for it) in the comments—or if you prefer, leave your answers in the comments themselves!

Hey, that's me! Thanks Deb for using my question.

Back in high school, my first love was Stephen King. He was the bad boy who smoked, swore and wore a leather jacket. I spent many a late night with him, but like a lot of high school romances that start out hot and heavy, it couldn't last. I outgrew Steve while he stayed the same. I wouldn't mind a fling once in awhile now though. Maybe Duma Key?

Next was Mary Higgins Clark that chatty girl in the cafeteria. I ate up her stories until she started telling me the same ones over and over. I started taking my tray elsewhere.

Finally, I went goth with Anne Rice. Anne, poor misunderstood Anne, hiding in the dark areas of the library picking the black nail polish from her fingers. She opened me up to a whole new type of book: serious, thoughtful and just the right amount of weird. However, as time went on, she started doing odd things, like writing books about minor characters in her better stories and bragging that she didn't need a editor. I stopped reading after Blackwood Farm. Then I heard she had written a long winded response to a bad review on Amazon, kind of like girls who have too much wine and email their exes. I wonder if she regretted that?


  1. I still like Anne Rice- but I only read her non-fiction books :)

  2. A fabulous answer to a great question!...I'm still thinking about mine.

    I, too had a fling with Stephen, but he's still known to drop by, occassionally...we're currently planning a trip to The Dark Tower, one we started years ago, but never got "closure", ya know?! LoL..

  3. Sometimes I think we simply become satiated with certain authors - sort of like eating too many pieces of chocolate all at once !

    Great question for this week!

  4. Great question, Chris!

    Well, I don't mind reading Stephen King...I still think he's one of the best horror writers these days. Although I'd prefer to read his earlier books. I can't comment about Anne Rice since I have never read her books.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. I recently started reading Stephen King. I had only read one of his books long time back. I don't think he is too bad!

    I feel somewhat similar about Anne Rice!

    Here is my BTT post!

  6. Chris, thanks for this question. I liked doing it!

  7. Great answer to a nifty question!

    I'm just too flighty a reader to take up with one author long enough to get tired of them, I suppose. :)

  8. Oh, this is too funny - I named Anne Rice, too! You're right about picking the black nail polish...

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  9. King has lost it in my opinion. Have you read "Cell"? Awful stuff! I liked Rice for a long time but I just don't read her anymore. Maybe I grew out of her but I must say, it was fun while it lasted!

  10. Great question, Chris! Most of the authors I have "broken up with" also hail from my younger days.

  11. I grew up reading Stephen King and still do sometimes. :) But oh, Anne Rice -- I forgot about her, but she would have been a perfect answer for me to this question... I devoured her first books, but more and more I just couldn't get through her books and had to stop at Taltos.

    Happy BTT!

  12. Madelein- I don't remember reading any of her non-fiction.

    Mo- Too funny!

    Ravenous- Never too much chocolate ;)

    Melody- His old stuff was great.

    Gautami- Thanks!

    Heather- Variety is a good thing.

    Teabird- Can't you just see it?!

    Jaimie- No, I haven't read Cell. Don't think I want to.

    Nyssanaela- My tastes have changed as I've gotten older too.

    Thomma Lyn- I wish I had stopped at Taltos too.

  13. The greatest reading experience I ever had was reading Tolkien for the first time. But it was an experience that couldn't be repeated. The books just aren't the same at 40 as they were at 12.

    Happy Valentine's Day! I hope your day has been full of chocolate.

  14. Robin McKinley. I slept with The Blue Sword under my pillow for months... Her newer books, though, never fail to disappoint :(

  15. Great question. I, too, picked Stephen King. I'm suspecting he'll be as common for this one as Moby Dick was for "most boring book" in that meme that went around recently. I picked King for a slightly different reason and reading the description of Duma Key, I think I'll skip that for the time being, too.

    As for Anne Rice, I never got into her anyway. I was only mildly interested in Interview With a Vampire and didn't bother with any others.

  16. Everyone but me has read enough Stephen King to have quit him. I've read one of his short story collections -- Four Past Midnight -- and On Writing (which was really thoughtful) so I haven't been around the block enough with him. Although a friend shared a flashdrive full of King titles in e-book form that he bought. I might catch up with the rest of the world at some point.

    I have never read Anne Rice, at all, although my friends used to, back in high school. I have a hard time caring about vampires though (does it count if I liked the movie version of Interview with a Vampire?). Also, Rice is a little crazy or maybe a lot. As for the question if she regretted it, uhhh, noting the times she appears on the internet wanking away happily, I'm going to go with no. XD

  17. I guess I just never grew up!! I'm still a huge Stephen King fan!! And Anne Rice is still the queen of goth to me.

    Great question!!

  18. Rob- Thanks. There was chocolate. My hubby knows me well.

    Brown Paper- Haven't read that one.

    Stephanie- Sorry dude.

    John- Yes, King seems to be a popular answer.

    Bottle- Yikes! Bizarre.

  19. Great question, Chris! I am glad you thought of it.

    I didn't start reading King until recently and have only read two of his books so far. I'm still enamored by Anne Rice, but then, it's been a while since I last picked up one of her books. I have only read five so far.

    And it's been awhile since I've read anything by Mary Higgins Clark. Her books are pure brain candy. I don't expect much from them, but they always were good for a quick escape.

    One of the authors I've gave up on is Patricia Cornwell. I really liked her earlier books, but the later ones left me cold. It would take a lot to convince me to read another of her books, but you never know.

  20. This was an *excellent* questions, Chris!! And your response is good as well. :-)

  21. Anne Rice! I forgot about her. I loved the first three books of the Vampire series - especially Queen of the Damned. Then it just became ... "huh?"
    Would have been a great trilogy.
    I still love King; I think he goes off-form sometimes (Cell) but always seems to lure me back ...

  22. Oh these were great... I think we share the same falling out of love history! I was a King fan until I read Tommyknockers and Anne Rice... Where to begin with that woman. What happened to her right? I have some other authors but mostly in genre fiction - the biggest one I can think of is Janet Evanovich.

  23. Lit Feline- Cornwell's name comes up a lot for this BTT.

    Trish- Thanks!

    Maree- Yes, it would have been a gret trilogy. She should have learned to say no.

    Iliana- I think she went off the deep end.

  24. I have to say that even though I've liked a few Jody Picoult books, recently I have been having a hard time getting through even one.


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