'Tis the Season

For Clementines.

More Wordless Wednesday


  1. I see Vitamin C!!! heehee :) Merry X'mas!!

  2. Love the color! And it's healthy too!


  3. Clementines are one of my favorite fruits! So easy to peel; snack-sized; so few seeds; so flavorful!

  4. Oooh, yum! I love clemintines!!! :-0...

    Happy WW :-)

  5. They were just talking about these on the radio today. Some woman was bemoaning that they're available year round now and therefore not as special. Like the chocolate orange, I suppose. Still, I resist them year round and to me, and I'm glad to see you as well, they're a part of Christmas.

  6. They're really the best eaten right now even if you can get them all year round. I always know Christmas is coming when I see stacks of those little crates.


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