Tinsel Tree

Scribbit is still hosting the Winter Bazaar. This month's theme is Christmas (of course). Here's my contribution.

This was Martha inspired. I made 4 of these a couple of years ago in 2 different sizes. They look great on a mantel.

Here's what you need:
  • Foam craft triangles
  • 'Fluffy' garland in any colour
  • straight pins
Wrap garland around triangle shape making sure to cover well. Secure with straight pins. Oh and store carefully!


  1. I just LOVE Martha ideas...this one is no exception. Thanks for the Holiday inspiration!

  2. Very cute! One warning though...if you have cats, keep anything with tinsel away from them. They can't resist the shiny stuff, and last night at work, we did emergency surgery on a cat with a big bunch of tinsel stuck in it's intestines.

  3. Great idea, I think I could do this one. Thanks!

  4. how cool...my kids could make one easy!

  5. That's so cute! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love that. I am going to try that. Thanks!

  7. That is just beautiful--very classy looking.


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