Making Paper Stars

For as long as I can remember, my family had these hanging on the tree. I think they started appearing after my great-Uncle returned from a trip to Denmark.

My Grandmother immigrated to Canada from Denmark in the 1930's. She was just 7 years old. Although the family quickly learned English and became part of the community, they always celebrated their Danish-ness. However, my Grandmother and her siblings were very young and memories fade. As an adult, my great-Uncle returned to the old country and brought back the instructions to making the paper star. A beautiful tradition.

I make these every year with paper ribbon. I've made so many that not only do they hang on the tree but I've connected them together in a chain. I always have to have instructions handy. Here's some online. Have some patience, it takes practice.

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  1. AWESOME...I can't wait to give these a try!

  2. What lovely stars - thanks for including the link, I'm going to try them (and then beat myself up for failing to do another thing for Christmas!)

  3. These are just beautiful! The instructions are really well written. They start off like a boon-doggle.

  4. Thanks. I usually need one or two starter ones before I remember what to do.

  5. I've seen these but never knew how to make them--they'd be pretty in plaid too.


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