Hello December!

Saturday morning, the first day of December, we woke up to snow- real snow, not just flurries but big fluffy flakes. Throughout the day it snowed off and on, hubby put on the snowtires and we went out for the day. We looked at Christmas trees (I'm going to ask a question about this later) then watched Enchanted. That was a cute movie and recommend it to all you romantics out there. By the time we left the theatre, the fluffy flakes had turned into blowing snow. It was a little dicey driving back home. I was glad for those snowtires!

Anyway, now for my tree question:

This is our first Christmas in the new house. For years, we'd get a real tree, but our house was so small we had to find the skinniest tree we could and stick it in the corner. This year I have plenty of room for a big tree. However, my hubby wants a fake tree. No mess, no watering. All this appeals to me too. I told him I didn't want a faky-fake tree. I hate a tree that doesn't look like a real tree. This weekend we found one that I approve of. It's also a bit pricey. I'm torn between my practical side and my sentimental 'smells like Christmas' side.

So do you do real or fake for Christmas? I'm going to make a poll but I'd love to see comments too. What is your thoughts on this important issue? Enquiring minds want to know!

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  1. over my very LOoooog life I've had both.. Probably the easiest is the artificial tree.. however, whenever I had those I'd go to where they sell real trees and ask for some of the branches that they cut off from other trees and take them home and put a bow on them and hang them somewhere where I could still have the smell of the real thing! If that's too much then go where there are real trees with a ziplock bag and sweep up a bunch of the needles to take home.. take some and crush them in your hands and put them in a little cup or saucer ..do it every few days to get the smell...

  2. We always get a real tree. We go out and cut it ourselves, after spending ages going from tree to tree in the frigid weather, shouting, "Here's a nice one! Oh, look! Here's another nice one!"

  3. Oh, that is such a difficult decision to make. We always had a real tree until last year when I wasn't very well and said I wouldn't do any decorating for Christmas at all (we had strings of lights on the beams, which were nice). We looked at fake trees but I didn't like any of them - they all looked fake and I thought if we put them in the loft the mice would end up making them into snug little nests the rest of the year and that would have been a Very Expensive Tree. So it's back to the strings of lights this year...

  4. Always had a real tree, wanted authenticity, until three years ago when we just didn't have time to go cut one down, drag it to the house and make sure that it would stand up properly in that little stand.

    So we bought a fake one. And we'll never go back. This year it's paid for itself, it's so so so easy. We don't have to water it, the cats don't climb it, and there are no needles to constantly vacuum. And at the end of the season, we put it in its bag in the basement.

    I hate it that I'm going the "easy" way out on this, I miss the smell of the real tree, but life is too busy and it really does LOOK real!

  5. This could be shocking, but I'll admit it. I've never had a real tree!!! So I definitely say get a fake. hehe

  6. Mike and I used to get a real tree every year. Usually a flocked one. I loved the smell and they were always so pretty. But the mess was HORRIBLE! I think I killed 2 vacuum cleaners just on the trees!!

    We finally went out and bought an artificial tree. Although it's not the same as picking your own tree, it is so much easier!! I love it!

  7. I grew up having real trees. But a couple of years into marriage, I had to resort to a fake tree in order to maintain any sort of Christmas spirit around here at all! Now I'm used to the fake one, but I still do miss that real one!

  8. I grew up with an fake tree, but always wanted a real one. I vowed that I would only have real trees once I moved out and have had real trees for the past twelve years. Every once in a while I still think about a fake tree, but just love a real one!

  9. Chris, did I hear the news right? Are you supposed to get 50 cm, or is that only New Brunswick? Has the storm started up there? It started snowing about mid afternoon here and by the time I got off work at 4 the roads were pretty yucky!

    What was the actual post about... oh, yes, real all the way.

  10. We always get a real tree, and I always was a huge supporter, but as I get older, I can definitely see the advantage of artificial (not fake). I thought I would never like artificial trees, but they make them so good these days.

  11. Wow! I love the opinions. This is a hot button issue lol!

    I'm still not sure but hubby seems to have made up his mind. I'm the Queen of Indecision. I can just hear my friend who might as well live in Whoville. She'll be so disappointed.
    I just thought of another con to real: spiders. I always end up with dozens of spiders.

    Deslily- That's a great idea, btw. Never thought of it.

    K- We're supposed to get 10-20 cm then 25mm of rain. Ugh! Hasn't started yet though. I made sure I ran to Sobeys today for bananas, etc. Take care!

    Thanks for all the opinions everyone!

  12. Fake! Fakey, fake, fake, fake.

    There are enough things to worry about at the holiday without worrying about keeping your tree green. And a good fake tree will last for over a decade! It saves time and money. I'd never go real.

  13. We have gone with fake for years. On the news today they were having this debate, and one of the options they came up with was to hire a tree. They come in a pot and are still alive. That way you get a real tree, but it hasn't been chopped down. No idea how to find out where to hire one from but it might be an option in these days of being environmentally aware.

  14. I would love to have a real tree but we use a fake one. My cats would go insane with a real tree.


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