Wahoo! for Bookfool

Other Chris at Stuff as Dreams are Made On had a great idea. Our blogging friend Bookfool (Nancy) is unable to keep up her blog and her Wahoo Wednesdays because of some health issues within her family. So Chris decided to Wahoo Wednesday himself in her honour.

Gourdie says Wahoo!

Wahoo for Bookfool! Hope she's able to Wahoo soon herself. We all miss her.

Wahoo for Chris! Book bloggers are the nicest people on the planet and Chris just drives that fact home.

Wahoo for unexpected sunny days. Today was a gorgeous day- not too cold- and in November.

Wahoo for great things in the mail! During the 24-hour Readathon, I won a Curious George journal from Dewey. It's so cute.


Wahoo for Chickadees! This little fella was so tame even though he lives on a remote hilltop. What a brave little dude! And yes, that's my arm and my hair.

Wahoo for Christmas music! I dusted off some of my favorite discs for the season. Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong is a favorite from last year. A Song for a Winter's Night makes me tear up- in a good Wahoo way.

Wahoo for Martha Stewart's Everyday Food (December 2007)! It's all about baking for the holidays. I especially love the look of the Cranberry Scones. Mmmmm....scones.

And Wahoo for making it through the first 2 weeks of NaBloPoMo!

Whoopsie Wahoo! Chris informed me that it was CJ's idea to Wahoo Wednesday. So Wahoo to CJ at My Year of Reading Seriously!


  1. And Wahoo for having the coolest name on the planet ;)

    I can't claim responsibility for the idea of carrying on Bookfool's Wahoo! Wednesday. It originally came from CJ at My Year of Reading Seriously, but it was such a great idea that I had to do it. Bookfool is certainly missed and I hope she sees these and it gives her a little wahoo :)

    Did that bird really land on your hand?! That's so cool!!

    I love Sarah McLachlan's Wintersong too...one of the best Christmas albums to come out in a long time!

  2. This is a great tribute to Nancy, and I'm sure she'll appreciate it. :-)

    I love Christmas music. It's one of the best things about the season.

  3. I love Everyday Food, too! I'm a big fan.

  4. Chris- Yes, it really did! I had birdseed in my hand and stood really still. He flew right over. His buddies weren't too sure. He had prickly little feet though.

    LF- I love some soft Christmas music for staring at the tree.

    Deb- I love Everyday Food. Those recipes are so much easier than the MS Living ones. And December's look sooo good!

  5. Hi Chris!!!

    Thank you, thank you for wahooing. It was such an upper to find out you guys are continuing to wahoo while I'm off in the hinterlands. Okay, not really the hinterlands, but it's a different sort of boonies.

    I love Gourdie!!! So cute! And, I can't believe the bird photo - how cool is that? I'm a big fan of Wintersong, too. And, my cat loves it. I'm so not kidding.

    Thanks so much for the upper!!!!! I feel so loved. :)

  6. Glad you stopped in Bookfool! You're so welcome. A cat who likes Wintersong? Cats really do have their own personalities.

  7. So sweet of you all to take up the mantle!

    That bird is eating out of your hand? Wow. I'm so afraid of birds. Good pic though.


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