Time Wasters

I'm always looking for new ways to procrastinate. First, there was Solitaire for Windows, then my kid's Webkinz account (addictive). Now my fellow bloggers have lead me into temptation again.
  • Literary Pursuit posted this link to The Goodhue Codex, a mystery library game. I can see it might be addictive. Besides the main mystery, you can play library related games. I ran over a few library patrons with Bobo.
Give it a try but don't blame me if the laundry piles up!


  1. Argg! That girl! I saw her clockwise, but I'm always left brained, the math, numbers, logic side and I couldn't get her to go the other way. And I know that you can change the way you see it, and I couldn't. Like how the Wheel of Wow can spin either way at the beginning.
    I love the green one. Isn't it addictive?
    I was scared to follow the library game link tonight, but I'll try another day.

  2. I'm going to check those out--here's one that I saw a year ago and loved that you might appreciate:


  3. thanks for the link love. :) i like the typogenerator too! as for the goodhue codex, you can save your game, but i'm warning you it's addictive. ;) and if you get stuck, you could google it for cheats. :P

  4. Oh right..thanks ever so much.. like I need another addiction?!! arrrgghhh!

  5. Love the green!!

    And the twirling girl? First she went clockwise, then counter clockwise...is it a trick?

  6. Raiderg.- I noticed the Wheel of Wow too. I can only get the girl to spin in the other direction for a couple of seconds.

    Scribbit- Thanks. I'll check it out.

    Nylusmilk- Thanks for sharing!

    Deslily- hehe.Sorry

    Karen- It's a mind trick. I can only get her to spin in the other direction for a second or two. And only after staring at her shadow for a few minutes.

  7. Haha... if you ever need time-wasters, just go to popcap.com. They have the most addictive, inexpensive little games on the planet, and you can play a lot of them online for free.

    My top picks off the top of my head: Bookworm; Bejeweled 2; Big Money; Zuma.

  8. She's totally going clockwise. Can't get her to go any other way!!! lol Thanks for the timewasters (timesucks, I call them). Love 'em!


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