Reading Challenge Update

Since it's the beginning of November, I think it's a good time to see how I'm progressing with my reading challenges.
  • RIP 2 Challenge. 4/4. Done. Hurray!
  • The Something About Me Challenge. 4/10. This challenge ends December 31. Epp! I better get on that.
  • The TBR Challenge. 8/12 (2/5 Alternates). I don't think I'm going to finish this one. It ends December 31 as well.
  • The Canadian Book Challenge. 1/10. It's supposed to be 13. Oh well. I have until July 1 for this one.
I'm trying to go easy on the challenges. Somehow I end up with books I really want to read that aren't on my lists. I wish I could clone myself!

I know a few bloggers who can't say no to any challenge and some who say "no way". Where do you fall?


  1. You are doing very well on your challenges!! Yeah!

    There are SO MANY already out there for 2008. It's crazy!

  2. I'd say you're doing pretty well; that's a lot of challenges to be balancing on one plate! I'm glad I finished Carl's RIP, and I'm glad the Book Award Challenge is a year long because that gives me time. I'm hoping you'll feel inclined to join my Japanese Literature Challenge to begin Nov. 30. It's going to last three months and have only three books required. That shouldn't be too much, I hope, for my reader friends.

  3. I'm definitely overchallenged right now!

    I hope everything goes okay for you during the storm. I'll be thinking of you as well as the other Canadian book bloggers in that area!

  4. I'm one of those who sign up for challenges, try hard to finish it, but get detoured halfway to read some books that aren't on my list. Like when your favorite author has a new release, you just have to read it, right? ;)

  5. I only do challenges that really interest me or I try and support blogger friends challenges once in a while. I find if I make a list I lose interest in those books... I just suck at lists.

  6. Bellezza- Carl's was great fun. I'll have to look into yours.

    3M- Thanks. I'm hoping it won't be too bad. No rain or wind yet.

    loey- Yes, I do get distracted.

    Kailana- I'm finding I don't do lists well either.

    Stephanie- You need a challenge intervention.

  7. I'll be honest and admit that my Canadian Challenge is the first one I've taken part in. However, I'm enjoying it so much that I'm now open to others. The Russian one looks pretty good too. I've also considered beginning one that sees participants reading books reviewed by others on their blogroll- say, the Blogroll Challenge- but that might wait.

  8. I admit I join quite a few challenges, but I try to overlap some, and only participate in those that match really well with what I would like to read, anyway. But I have such a huge TBR list, it's not that hard. :)

  9. It's difficult for me to say No to challenges. I check Novel Challenges all the time. But I'm more or less aware of my limits. Challenges that run a year are best for me, and those with a low book requirement. This is why I can't join the 8 in 08 challenge. I do love joining challenges though. Good luck!

  10. Congrats on finishing the R.I.P. II Challenge. I'm so glad you participated, I really appreciate it.


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