Name that Short Story!

Detective investigates suspicious disappearance: man-eating couch.

Inspired by Gentle Reader's contribution, six word stories, for the latest edition of Bookworm's Carnival hosted by The Armenian Odar, I'm attempting to describe a short story I read when I was a teen. It was one in a collection of short stories, possibly horror stories. I remember the details of the story pretty clearly but can't figure out the title or who wrote it. Here's the gist:

A detective questions the wife of a missing man. The woman seems distressed but hasn't a clue about what may have happened to him. The woman leaves the room to make tea or something. The detective sits on the couch, quite a comfortable couch, maybe he'll just have a quick snooze. The couch very slowly folds it's cushions over the man and eats him.

I'm pretty sure I didn't dream this one! If you can tell me the name of this short story, I'd appreciate it.

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  1. I can't help you with the man-eating couch, Chris, but thanks for advertising the Carnival! :-)

  2. Seems very interesting. Can't help you out though. I did recently read a kids' story in which a couch steals precious objects from around the house, and there's always the "Curious Sofa" by Gorey, but I can't place this one. Maybe we need an anthology of evil chesterfields.

  3. I'm still laughing!! I wish I could help you, but I'm quite sure I never read this one!! Sounds like fun though.

  4. John- Hmm, that's a lot of evil sofas. I wonder why that is? Maybe we need to keep an eye on what we're sitting on. They're just waiting for an opportunity.

    Myrthe & Stephanie- I'll keep searching!

  5. I've never run across that one either, that I know of. Darn, I was hoping someone else knew.

  6. I have one of those couches!

    It once ate a Mr. Potato Head and three Polly Pockets.



  7. Helene- Mine enjoys potato chips and ponytail holders ;)

  8. my guess: "The Human Chair," by turn of the century Japanese mystery story writer, Edogawa Rampo.


    also, it was made into one of my favorite movies, The Mystery of Rampo.

  9. Cynematic- Doesn't ring a bell but could be.


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