NaBloPoMo Blo's

Not really, but...

I was breezing right through this month. Topics were flying at me from every which way- until today. I couldn't think of a thing to post about. I think I've run out of things to say. [Gasp!] So let's see, what can I talk about?

-I've got a good bite out of my Christmas shopping. Of course, I have the hardest ones left to buy for.
-I had the sudden urge to paint something today. Not art, window ledges.
-I'm struggling with Bleak House.
-I'm enjoying Chocloat.
-I'm resisting Christmas decorating but over the weekend we had a smidgen of snow. I got that Christmas feeling. So far, I only brought out the singing penguins and my Willow Tree Nativity set. Oh and a wreath for outside. That's not really much.

If you haven't fallen asleep by now, please offer me some encouragement. Just a couple of days of daily posting to go!


  1. Not long now, Chris. LOL I think your post today is great!

  2. Keep going! To actually have kept it up for so long and only *now* suffering for material -- that's pretty impressive (and a pace I could never hope to match).

  3. I love your daily posts! The pic of the presumably singing penguins put me right into the holiday spirit.

  4. and what happens when November ends?.. you fall off the end of the earth?? :o) (I hope not! lol)

  5. I tried to read Bleak House too. I was very faithful for the first 100 pages or so, and then I started skipping chapters!

  6. Thanks all!

    Laura- I'm determined to get over the hump...but skipping chapters may be an option!

  7. I was doing really well too, on the blogging every day in November, and then we had a wedding Friday night and I forgot to post anything on the 23rd. Oops. Maybe next year.
    You are doing great. You can make it!!
    I showed some students the turning lady, and they were arguing about how she was turning, and convinced she was changing directions.

  8. I was doing okay until yesterday when I went out to see a musical and didn't get home until way after midnight! Waaah.


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