Knuffle Bunny: Children's Book

Since this week is TD Canadian Children's Book Week (Nov 17-24) and I have a child, I thought I'd write a review of a book we both enjoy.

If you've read of Don't Let a Pigeon Drive the Bus with your kids then you know who Mo Willems is. In Knuffle Bunny, Mo tells the tale of Trixie and her Dad's trip to the Laundromat, the loss of precious Knuffle Bunny and his rescue by Trixie's Daddy.

It's not a long book but the story is so endearing. What parent hasn't been frustrated by their child's inability to communicate and vice versa? The illustrations feature real photographs of a New York neighbourhood and delightful drawings of people. I thought the expressions on Trixie and her Dad's faces were priceless.

So simple but so enjoyable. This is one I don't mind reading over and over and over and over....


  1. Little M just brought this one home from the school library. The girls made me read it over and over.

    Very cute!

    BTW, I'm from Cape Breton, I see you're from the Maritimes!

  2. Helene- (I don't know the right keys for the accents)
    I'm in CB too.


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